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  • Bush: This is mine now
    09.02.2019 17:00:36
  • Bush: I hereby claim Reconquista on this shoutbox
    09.02.2019 17:00:02
  • Daniel: Man, this chat is dead.
    04.02.2019 23:26:38
  • SCP-687: Emptiness...
    17.11.2018 21:24:09
  • Bluestar: Sorry that it took so long, fiexed.
    21.10.2018 22:09:08
  • Dr. Deltality: as if anyone would join them?
    21.10.2018 08:54:19
  • alexsander2k: u should update the garry's mod server so they are joinable :ok_hand:
    19.10.2018 00:03:45
  • Bluestar: NM, ya?
    15.08.2018 18:18:38
  • Sgt. Mittens: im just doing my yearly checkin. sup
    15.08.2018 16:38:57
  • [FAG] Nico: sure seems like it
    25.07.2018 13:30:03
  • [FAG] Nico: :D:D
    25.07.2018 13:29:49
  • Bluestar: Ha Nico, you were wrong.
    19.07.2018 18:56:15
  • [FAG] Nico: Ded
    22.06.2018 17:52:56
  • Bluestar: Im still checking it every few days.
    09.06.2018 16:30:43
  • The Guy on The Roof: Is this place dead yet?
    07.06.2018 09:40:54
  • Watsuda: We are, and they are actually trying to invite you but I told them not to...
    12.05.2018 23:07:37
  • Bluestar: Well Eurovision, get into TS3/Discord right?
    12.05.2018 22:18:26
  • DiivZe: Noomie don't forget to watch Fate/Zero )
    11.05.2018 02:02:50
  • Bush: oh and my shoutbox
    17.04.2018 11:40:41
  • Bush: so I can verbally harras you over textchat again
    17.04.2018 11:40:36

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