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The last post in this thread was a month old, Stavik. I would really appreciate if you didn't dig up old threads. It's common etiquette.

Oh my Watsuda, arguing with headstaff might get you banned!

General / Re: PUBG General (Scores and Discussion)
« on: 11.10.2018 05:54:49 »
I play time to time (once in eternity) but i suck at it.

General / Re: Activity Check
« on: 11.10.2018 05:54:16 »
I still visit, however i have no clue what happened to discord as i never really used it. What did happen to it?

Bhop Applications / Re: NooBak Application
« on: 19.07.2018 18:55:56 »
Odd to get application for a server that no one have touched for years. Well I mean i could technically give you admin rights but i do not see the point even as there is nothing you can do with the rights except for kicking and banning people.

In order to add more maps and mods you need access to physical server and that i cannot provide...

So are you still interested in having kicking/banning rights in an pretty much empty dead server?  ???

After a further though you can upload some maps that i could add and with admin rights you might be able to add areas (start/finish). I guess that could work too actually.

TF2 General / Re: Activity
« on: 26.02.2018 03:06:00 »
This place here is pretty dead, id say no.

Suggestions and Feedback / Re: MAKE THE GAME GREAT AGAIN
« on: 12.12.2017 15:56:25 »
Still workin on it. Not as much as i would like to tho.

General / Its the time again [THE STEAM AWARDS]!
« on: 22.11.2017 22:49:53 »
What do you guys have nominated for what?

General / Re: Avaible rap albums on music.catgc.com
« on: 06.10.2017 08:46:42 »
I do not think I can get in here, it's great.

Its closed invite site, feel free to send me pm if you are interested in a key.

TTT General / Re: Update and fix TTT
« on: 22.07.2017 08:46:25 »
There is a slight issue, most of the plugins are not compatible. Fixing them is not really a thing. Easiest way would be making new server and getting only few plugins over.
Some of pointshop items will be removed too in that case.

It also would be extremely helpful if you guys could paste lua error messages here.

General / Re: Discord Server
« on: 11.07.2017 08:43:14 »
TeamSpeak3 > Discord. Sound quality is so much better if you have good mic.

Also we do have TS3 server so feel free to join. There are not that many people from community tho.

Complaints / Re: Atlasben admin abuse
« on: 05.07.2017 07:15:42 »
Running servers is free for me, idle servers were made for ad money back in time. Since you know IDLE = "Place where people supposed to AFK...". I don't play TF2 so i didn't bother making some actual normal gamemode server.

Complaints / Re: Atlasben admin abuse
« on: 02.07.2017 15:56:48 »
About everyone screaming that idle 1 is getting low amount of people. You realize it started getting that long before Atlasben right ? Once valve released UI patch to the game where community servers browser button were moved away and official servers were first choice. Most people that played on the server are 12 year old kids that barely read any English. Those people stopped joining. Look at idle 2 for example, it used to be full as well back in time, it does not have any admins and yet its completely empty.

So id say its rather valve fault that the servers are more or less empty.
I'm not gonna comment anything about Atlastben yet we will see in the near future.


General / Re: Lucky
« on: 29.05.2017 21:46:47 »
Well dunno genuine is perma locked to your account. Id prefer tradable pins.

General / Re: PUBG General (Scores and Discussion)
« on: 10.05.2017 14:37:19 »
Is that game even any fun ? I mean iv played Nether and DayZ, those were games where you ran for an hour and then got shot by some sniper 3 km away... Personally i didn't find that fun. Rust was better, you could build stuff and there were feel of progression. Yet it sucked cause you got always raided and lost everything. Have not tried H1Z1.

Silly and useless topics! / Cursed Samsung TV
« on: 25.04.2017 05:41:26 »
After I spent 3 days trying to find perfect cheap "temporary" TV for my wall to watch movies and also use as information board I finally found one. It ended up being "Samsung 32HE690 32inch Hotel TV", I found 2 stores that were selling it for around 260 and about 6 places that were selling it for 560-690.

Place number 1 (datagate.ee - 267) Ordered it there, waited one day just to get email that they actually do not have it, even tho website showed 40+ in stock. And they transferred my money back.

Place number 2 (atf.ee - 253) Decided to ask them first if they actually do have it or not and obviously got answer: "No we do not have it."...

Place number 3 (arvutitark.ee - 560) Noticed that price dropped from 560 to 260 so decided to buy it from them. About a day later I noticed that the price went up and my order had still not been processed. Decided to get in touch with them and got amazing answer: "Our system had a glitch and its not supposed to be so cheap, we will contact our warehouse and get back in touch with you." Waited like 4hours and contacted support again, they told me that they will give me my money back by 24.04.2017 evening. (Got money back early 26.04.2017)

-Place 1 and 2 still have that TV on their homepage yet apparently they do not have it...
-I found 2 more places that sell it for cheap, but since im waiting on my money to get back I have not yet asked one of them if they actually have it... Other one seems so shady, company was made this year after previous company went bankrupt.

Messaged place 1 about them having still product on their homepage, got answer that sales specialist will get back to me during 24.04.2017 (they did not get back to me).

I will upgrade this story as it progresses

Answer from place number 4 - Selling stuff they dont have again.
(galador.ee - 256)

Place number 5 the one that is shady, that told me that they have it ended up not having it.
(trumpit.ee - 256)

Got email from trumpit.ee telling me that i could order it for 395 from Latvia.

Place number 6 (pcsto.ee - 266) good old trend of selling stuff they dont have.

Place number 7 (xeloink.ee - 252) we can sell it for 329 + TAX. Thus ~(395)

TL;DR Companies in Estonia are amazing, selling stuff they do not have.

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