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TTT General / Re: Donator and Donator+?
« on: 16.10.2014 22:21:04 »
I'm donator+ and I have donated 8 euros as it seems. If you don't make him donator+ now, I'm going to defend him.

Silly and useless topics! / Open yourself to greg
« on: 12.10.2014 17:15:46 »
"but if you close your greg" - akiz 2014

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/teamgreg - Is your home.
You should know that greg is a part of your world.

Q: "How will I get in there?"
  • You'll need to contact Jeff Smart. He'll give you an invite
  • It is also possible that I'll invite you

Also, look at greg while he was young (Jeff Smart's documentary, it's about greg doing some rituals) NSFW/L

And remember:
Always bet on LDLC
It's important to have skill with the P90
                                                                                                 super secret

Discuss about this saviour.

TTT Suggestions / Re: The weapon balancing thread!
« on: 07.10.2014 20:43:21 »
    My opinion of possible changes:
      • Incendiary grenade
      - Some additional damage won't hurt anyone.
      • P90
      - To make this viable you need to make it better than ump, which is quite impossible without making it OP.
      • Mac-10
      - It's unpractical to use as innocent, however, buffing would make it too huge for traitors.
      • Silenced Pistol
      - Clearly needs a nerf. Lowering fire rate would make it useless due to silenced sniper being up in here. Removing accuracy would again, make it useless due to silenced sniper. I just suggest reverting the changes so it won't 1-shot detectives - means you have some counter-attack against this weapon.
      • Single barrel
      - I think it's just underplayed weapon. If it needs buffs, then they should be minimum.
      • Throwing speed of knife
      - Not alot of people use knife for throwing. Increasing this might open opportunities to try it out.
      • Small knockback to Recombulator
      - do it.

Tell me you're joking.
Tell me you're joking.

Stavik just updated ttt ranks guidelines as seen here:

I promote everyone to complaint trusted as of now, how you can do it you can see in this old topic (you don't have to fill the form fully (if you're unable to write at one punctum), but appeal basics from it):

This is entirely offtopic now. I never left.
About the forum account although (Blue said that looong time ago):
15.4. I made this account for sake of Bluestar said I needed it for *something* donation *something* things;

EDIT: #forumspammingmasterrace2014at3commentsnowgoinginhugewiththeplaysidon'tevenknowwhyyouevenbotherreadingthisatthispoint

15. Everything I said so far is a lie. Thnx for listening.
   15.2. The paraghaps in which there is no lie are: 14, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 14.5.

But...is 15 also a lie?!

And when did I ever quote you?

Yes indeed. Post 15 is a cake and 14 is the truth.

And there's no truth.

And I'm screwing with you.

I really do.

Why do I make these spaces inbetween sentences?

Because I'm screwing with you.

Here we go. I answered your second question twice.

Okay, listen, assholes. You are clearly not taking my topic seriously. I'm sick and tired of this shit community going down the drain and not complimenting me. I try to make one awesome and useful topic and all you do is mock me. Fuck this gay earth, seriously.
Oh, I see you qouting me you twat.

1. My name is Dmitri (my [*php.edit=second>alter] name is Vilius lol) and yes, I was born in Russia;
2. Watsuda made me mad by qouting me;
3. Watsuda is a 10 year old kid;
4. The Real_deal is the worst bulgarian;
5. I don't lie alot;
   5.1. and it's for serious purposes;
6. Noomie sucks Bluestars blue cock;
7. Bluestar has a bad knife in CSGO;
8. I actually watched anime all summer: 6 hours a day at least.
9. I hope Watsuda eats shit because again, he qouted me in a bad way;
10. I support Zealous;
11. I actually support Al-Khaida too. Please think about what good they did;
12. I'm sick of depression;
13. I seem to love russian cars;
15. Everything I said so far is a lie. Thnx for listening.
   15.2. The paraghaps in which there is no lie are: 14, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 14.5.
   15.3. I did go salty at some degree at that one post, but some things stay the same (I'm not going to respond which ones. Ask me yourself);
   15.4. I made this account for sake of Bluestar said I needed it for *something* donation *something* things;
   15.5. I do believe I'm in some serious trouble if people didn't see the post to the end.
16. This post is on-topic.

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