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Donation guidelines
« on: 01.05.2014 21:52:41 »
Donations are what keeps our servers running.
We accept PayPal.
If you'd like to donate, forward your payment as a gift to:
PayPal: "imre.mamedov@tptlive.ee" (takes up to 48h after payment is received )
(Don't forget to state your ingame name and STEAM ID).
Or use (Takes about 1 minute after payment is received)

Donating 5 or more, grants you a donators rank in our servers, with special features such as colorful name in the scoreboard and a pointshop donator only section access. (Not to mention 100 points per 1, that means 5 = 500 points in our PS).
Donating 10 or more, grants you a donators+ rank in our servers, with additional special features and reserved slots.

You can also donate ingame, by typing "!donate" in the chat.

NOTE: Abusing your donator's privileges/commands can and will result in your donator's powers being revoken.

Thank you!
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