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Complaints / Random ban
« on: 22.09.2017 18:53:41 »
Was playing normally, server was about completely empty. Suddenly it said I'm banned.

09/22/2017 - 17:42:52: Legalize Rape verbunden
09/22/2017 - 17:43:09: Marliona:} verbunden
09/22/2017 - 17:43:26: Disconnect: Banned.
09/22/2017 - 17:43:26: Disconnect: Banned.

I've no background information because it was so unexpected, but it seems pretty sad. I don't even know why I'm banned and by who I got banned.

In game name:
Мистер Бин

Complaints / Atlasben admin abuse
« on: 30.06.2017 17:09:28 »
1. My in-game name is:


2. The player that I'm complaining about:



3. The rule(s) that the player has broken:

Admin (command) abuse to get advantage over other players, rendering them unkillable and giving severe advantages such as crits which insta-kill the player.

4. The incident occurred on (month, day and possibly the hours):

14:53:00 ~

5. The server in which the incident occurred:

6. Explanation of what happened:

Join server, play a bit, proceed to see an admin abusing their powers. Forcing rolls, using noclip, godmode and resizing other players.
Not all of these are present in the current video but it is a phenomenon that has been spotted by several players, ultimately decimating the player base of the server.

To make a list:
  • Badmouthing
  • Accusing players of hacking
  • Abusing admin commands (God mode, noclip, roll the dice (Toxic, crits etc.)
  • Resizing others so they're unable to play (3.0)

Unfortunately I don't have an extensive collection of evidence because I never thought I had to, but it did begin somewhere mid 2016. I have played on this server for several years and this person suddenly appeared and started bad-mouthing everyone. On one day he suddenly had admin and started abusing it. To top it off, I haven't been the only victim. There have been several other players that have been banned for no apparent reason. I get that it's an idle server, and an admin is probably not even required/necessary. But the way players are treated leaves the benefit of the doubt.

7. My collected evidence (screenshots, screenshots of logs or videos etc.):


8. My suggestions:

Limit access to commands under groups in Sourcemod for the vips/admins. God mode, no clip and such are not necessary on an idle server.
Limit player resizeability from 3.0 to something like 2.5, to prevent players getting stuck. (On an additional note 0.7 is pretty annoying to play against, especially spy, so if spy could be limit to minimal 1.0 that'd be great.

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