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General / The search for anime hunter
« on: 13.01.2021 16:25:04 »
Where is anime hunter?

I am looking for anime hunter


General / Re: Discord Server
« on: 13.07.2017 00:05:20 »
Join our new Discord server!


Silly and useless topics! / You're a 2
« on: 20.01.2017 16:24:07 »
So considering trump will enter the white house in a few hours...

Let's have this topic to all show our appreciation for great lord Trump.

The trump card of america. (hahaha jokE)

Hail Trump. Cheers to him making america great again.

So as requested in the shoutbox, I will create this post to see which mods are still kind of active here. Let's give everyone a month or so to respond to this, if you fail to respond within this time consequences will follow :toomuchinformation: :toomuchinformation: :toomuchinformation: ;D ;D

But yeah I'll probably remove the mod ranks of everyone who will not respond to this within a month.

Good luck little warriors.

Silly and useless topics! / Eid Al-Adha
« on: 11.09.2016 13:43:07 »
So as everyone knows, this year the official muslim offerings day 'Eid Al-Adha' is today, on the 9th of november. Some people are saying weird shit about towers in america or sumthin but let's not focus on that. We should all celebrate this amazing day by offering some of your loved ones. If you fail you will become immortal, which means you won't ever be able to go to your 72 virgins. I hope you all find the time to offer as many loved ones as you can find.

Have a great Eid Al-Adha everyone!

xxx Allah

Silly and useless topics! / Paralympic games
« on: 07.09.2016 11:47:13 »
Happy start of the paralympic games guys  :clap:

Let's watch it together in ts3 tonight yes it starts at 1am and ends at 8am  :clap:

Whoever doesn't join will get decapitated  :clap:

So yeah I hope all of you 666 join ts3 tonight I'll be waiting  :clap: :nod:


Silly and useless topics! / Labor day
« on: 05.09.2016 10:36:07 »
Happy labor day

post pic of labor

 :yes: :toomuchinformation: :clap:

Silly and useless topics! / Wendi
« on: 29.05.2016 00:24:46 »
It was the year 1898. In a very small village there lived a girl named Wendi.
The girl was very popular in the village because of her beautiful face and astonishing knowledge.
Most people in the village call her Ween.
One day her mother told her 'Sweetheart, get me some apples at the store in the other village'.
Of course little Wendi accepted, the sweetheart she is.
She threw on her coat and went on her adventure.

She had never been outside of her own city and so she was kind of nervous about it.
She had heard creepy stories about a house right in the middle of the two villages.
Rumor has it that an old man lives there and the only thing he does is eat pumpkins.
'Stay strong' she whispered to herself as she was about to cross the bridge that would lead to the inbetween.
Once she has arrived she could see a gigantic, old mansion coming closer and closer as she walked to the bridge that would lead to the other village.
It was starting to get dark and she could see a ton of pumpkins with candles in front of the mansion, giving enough lighting to be able to see in this woody area.
Suddenly she saw a black shadow running towards her. It came from out of the woods near the bridge to the second village.
As it was coming more and more into the light that the pumpkins in front of the mansion provided, she heard a scream.

Once the shadow was fully into the pumpkin light, she could she that it was a man with a pumpkin as a head. Wendi screamed and died. She was literally scared to death by this pumpkin man.
Even now, 118 years after this tragic incident, people all around the world come together to mourn for little Wendi.

Wendi continued to live on as a ghost and because the pumpkin man is a pumpkin, he never died and is now 198 years old already.
Wendi's ghost will not rest until someone has the ability to scare the pumpkin man to death like he did to her.

I hoped you liked this story. It is based on facts. Thanks.


Silly and useless topics! / Cry thread
« on: 26.04.2015 21:08:56 »
Because Desy came up with this great idea, I now created a topic where you all can cry about whatever you want. Have fun.

Silly and useless topics! / Frank did it
« on: 13.04.2015 20:36:06 »
He did.
Frank did the worst thing possible to suparsau.
He just did.

Silly and useless topics! / Welp
« on: 31.03.2015 18:15:08 »
Lonely weaboo searching for new animuru to watch. Send help onegaishimashu. Desu.

General / For the confused noses here.
« on: 09.09.2014 00:10:32 »
So if you look at the staff rooster you'll see a little change. I switched ranks with Stavik, why this has been done is for me to know and for you to question.

That's all

Post number 300!

Introductions / Introduction Guidelines
« on: 26.08.2014 21:21:41 »
Please tell us which country you're from ;)

Reason: DiivZe's tired of searching up everyone's IP to find out where they are from.

And: Please make a normal introduction! (instead of saying: Hello, I like spaghetti.)

Pssst... Hey! Did you know?
You now get a 100 points on the server for making an introduction!

TTT General / Rule 16.
« on: 26.08.2014 18:30:33 »
We seem to have forgotten about rule 16: Be forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes. Staff should also still follow this rule, everyone has become way too strict.

For example: A new player joins and doesn't know how this game exactly works, accidentally RDMs and without giving him any explanation he immediately gets warn and slain even though he apologized or told us that it was his first time. (I've seen it happen).

We should really loosen up a bit. Help new players when they do something wrong; sending them to the MOTD or just tell them the most important rules. That  would help a lot already, and maybe give us more fun players to play with.

We need to try inviting new players to the forums. When you ban them add something like 'if you think this ban was invalid, go to catgc.com and make an unban appeal' (when it is a long ban; 3 days or so) so they know what to do if actually want to continue playing on this server and actually want to improve themselves for it.

Stop permbanning people for 'excessive RDM'. What is excessive RDM? What if someone permbans someone for 8 RDMs and calls it 'excessive' and one does the same for 15 RDMs. Be more specific in these type of bans, because a perm ban is pretty much the same as forever. Staff members tend to give out permbans way too easily. Also, especially in those type of bans you should mention the fact that we have a forum where they can try and get themselves unbanned.

I hope everyone takes the time to actually read this and to improve as a staff member.

- Owen and Noomie ;)

Silly and useless topics! / Blame Bush.
« on: 19.08.2014 20:58:03 »
Here's our new Blame Bush thread. Go ahead, midgets.

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