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TTT Suggestions / Re: New Free Donator Only Gun
« on: 30.06.2014 17:55:39 »
golden is even uglier

TTT Suggestions / Re: New rule.
« on: 26.06.2014 21:03:00 »
indeed, we can just refer them to the MOTD, they might read it if we tell them to. And rules are there for the ones who do like to read them, it's not like noone does. I mean, why else do we have rules then?

TTT Suggestions / New rule.
« on: 26.06.2014 18:42:15 »
So, I think we might need a new rule on the server. a 'Think before you act' rule. It happens way too often that people RDM and their reason would be 'It looked like he was shooting someone'. It looked like it, didn't think about the possibility that he might've been shooting at the ground or the ceiling and RDM a (mostly innocent) person. And yes sometimes it's a mistake, but I've seen it happen too many times that people got killed right away for such a thing.
I know that it is a basic rule that everyone should understand, but since a couple of people joining the server don't see it the same way, it would be nice to have it in the MOTD as a reminder to think before you act, I figured.

Introductions / Re: Introduction of Offline
« on: 20.06.2014 17:24:26 »
5 is old enough ._.

Introductions / Re: Introduction of Offline
« on: 20.06.2014 17:12:09 »
Woop bavaria beer ^-^

Introductions / Re: Intreduction of DiivZe
« on: 07.06.2014 13:11:53 »
A moment of silence for DiivZe's English.

Introductions / Re: Intreduction of DiivZe
« on: 06.06.2014 20:57:37 »

TTT General / Re: This community has gone to sh*t.
« on: 30.05.2014 21:14:09 »
Future only holds good things ^-^

TTT General / Re: This community has gone to sh*t.
« on: 30.05.2014 19:24:44 »
I honestly don't understand why I was brought up in this since I didn't have any privileges for being a girl like you related to but anyways.

Cuzzi, I haven't seen you doing a lot of staff work for any other people than yourself lately, like immediately raging to people who RDM'ed you. I understand that that must've been because you seem to be emotionally unstable like Mahrin said. And the server indeed has had some punches in the face because of the split up.
But you shouldn't get yourself so stressed and mad about that like you do right now. The real and totally opposite side of you has to come back. You're nice and dorky, not angry and rude.
Why not give yourself a break? Get a good hold of yourself again and play sum more Naruto with me :D
And when you are back to your old self again and still feel the passion of being a staff, try it again and make an app again (if necessary).

I still hope that sygc and cat will form a team again someday, though I don't think a lot of other people like to think about that, but well.

TTT Suggestions / Re: DeathMatch
« on: 15.05.2014 18:19:37 »
You're saying that I can't play deathmatch because I'm staff? There's not always 'stupid people inbetween the rounds'. I'm sure staffs can play Deathmatch from time to time. Also I'm sure that the users, trusted and regulars would like it. ;)

TTT Suggestions / Re: DeathMatch
« on: 14.05.2014 14:46:03 »
That's my favorite too, also the only one of the two I actually played with though. I think you should get that one ^^

TTT Suggestions / Re: DeathMatch
« on: 13.05.2014 23:36:04 »
Exactly like those Blue ;)

TTT Suggestions / Re: DeathMatch
« on: 13.05.2014 21:43:24 »
Well there are no better reasons to add it. It's just a really nice way to avoid rising boredom when you for example die 30 seconds after the round started. You can just spectate the game while still playing yourself and play with other dead people. Most of the time that's way more fun than waiting for the round to be over. Haven't you ever tried?

TTT Suggestions / DeathMatch
« on: 13.05.2014 19:03:28 »
I don't know if anyone has ever asked about it, but since I didn't see any topics related to it, I'd like to suggest it myself. We need Deathmatch. Great way to not get bored while spectating the game I believe, why not give it a try?


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