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General / Its the time again [THE STEAM AWARDS]!
« on: 22.11.2017 22:49:53 »
What do you guys have nominated for what?

Silly and useless topics! / Cursed Samsung TV
« on: 25.04.2017 05:41:26 »
After I spent 3 days trying to find perfect cheap "temporary" TV for my wall to watch movies and also use as information board I finally found one. It ended up being "Samsung 32HE690 32inch Hotel TV", I found 2 stores that were selling it for around 260€ and about 6 places that were selling it for 560€-690€.

Place number 1 (datagate.ee - 267€) Ordered it there, waited one day just to get email that they actually do not have it, even tho website showed 40+ in stock. And they transferred my money back.

Place number 2 (atf.ee - 253€) Decided to ask them first if they actually do have it or not and obviously got answer: "No we do not have it."...

Place number 3 (arvutitark.ee - 560€) Noticed that price dropped from 560€ to 260€ so decided to buy it from them. About a day later I noticed that the price went up and my order had still not been processed. Decided to get in touch with them and got amazing answer: "Our system had a glitch and its not supposed to be so cheap, we will contact our warehouse and get back in touch with you." Waited like 4hours and contacted support again, they told me that they will give me my money back by 24.04.2017 evening. (Got money back early 26.04.2017)

-Place 1 and 2 still have that TV on their homepage yet apparently they do not have it...
-I found 2 more places that sell it for cheap, but since im waiting on my money to get back I have not yet asked one of them if they actually have it... Other one seems so shady, company was made this year after previous company went bankrupt.

Messaged place 1 about them having still product on their homepage, got answer that sales specialist will get back to me during 24.04.2017 (they did not get back to me).

I will upgrade this story as it progresses

Answer from place number 4 - Selling stuff they dont have again.
(galador.ee - 256€)

Place number 5 the one that is shady, that told me that they have it ended up not having it.
(trumpit.ee - 256€)

Got email from trumpit.ee telling me that i could order it for 395€ from Latvia.

Place number 6 (pcsto.ee - 266€) good old trend of selling stuff they dont have.

Place number 7 (xeloink.ee - 252€) we can sell it for 329€ + TAX. Thus ~(395€)

TL;DR Companies in Estonia are amazing, selling stuff they do not have.

Milight is company that does different type of lightbulbs, for example: wireless RGBW (Red Green Blue White) that can be controlled by sending UDP signal to it.

Windows have a controller, but for me it crashed a lot and looked quite ugly. So i decided to make my own controller.


If someone wants to automate their light system i would recommend using those lightbulbs!

General / Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 20:58:00 »
Guys help me find a decent mouse that would fit me...

I have had:
Razer Krait - Uncomfy
Steelseries Ikari - Comfy i did not like it
Corsair M65 - Uncomfy
Func MS-3 R2 - Amazing mouse, but company got sold to Fanatic and stopped producing that mouse...

I use palm grip and need something big so my pinky finger would also be on mouse and not touch mousepad.

Was looking into:
Speedlink mouse Decus Limited Edition

But maybe someone is smart enough to recommend me something better...

General / Servers we should host
« on: 17.08.2016 14:01:50 »
Guys hosting some of the servers become useless (I know its been useless for some times now). What should I host instead tho ? If I were to take down Cinema and Murder servers i could host 2 Source game servers or maybe something completely else. Sadly i don't have much time to work and keep eye on servers lately. I can host nearly anything.

Things i would not want to host:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - Game is so outdated that setting up mods for it is more than just pain
Garry's Mod - Requires a lot of server managing, updates break stuff, is much less popular lately
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Servers run like crap on windows and setting em up is death of me
Minecraft - Last time i had actuall server it ended up having over 500 people banned cause of griefing and 1 active player
Rust - Was empty for the longest, even if our community plays there it eventually dies off, tried hosting 3 times.
Dayz - do not own the game

Preferably some more popular game so servers wont sit as empty as gmod servers right now

Development log / Get latest Cube Hopper version
« on: 03.04.2016 06:05:39 »
Download link for launcher : http://data.catgc.com/1337CubeHopper1337/launcher.exe

//Ultra outdated. Contact me if you are interested in trying it out Cube Hopper, i can provide steam key.

News / Garry joined our deathrun server !
« on: 03.01.2016 01:59:04 »

Our server is now blessed.

Everything is anonymous, just vote.

CS:GO General / Cologne 2015 Pick’Em Challenge
« on: 15.08.2015 15:35:17 »
Its that time again. Only now its much harder.

So Far i think:


NiP or TSM //took TSM but i might change
VP or Cloud9 //took Cloud9 but might change as well

And for Player Pick'Em


TTT General / Need help with TTT
« on: 09.06.2015 19:21:54 »
Since TTT server seems to crash a lot i decided to test it. For that i will need some people playing on it while i add/remove plugins. Tell me when are you guys up for testing (It might take 2-4h hopefully not longer).

I am personally busy for next 2-3 days.

How about this weekend ?

General / Gmod Update 1.06.2015
« on: 01.06.2015 17:42:16 »
Current Status:
Dearhrun - Seems to work
TTT - Seems to work
Murder - Seems to work
Cinema - Seems to wrok
Bhop - Lua errors on join but else works
Pointshop - Stuff is bit fucked. (http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1468585) Fixed
ulx - Fucked Fixed

Things to do; Things done

Update all servers to latest patch
Update ttt to latest patch
Cinema is up to date
Murder up to date
Fixed guns on ttt (knife, ump, spistol)
PointShop Fixed (TTT; Murder; Deathrun; Bhop)
Admin menu/ulx fixed (TTT; Cinema; Deathrun; Murder; Bhop)

Fix pointshop when possible
Try to fix Bhop... ?
Admin menu does not work
Pointshop fix is out. Time to apply it.
Fix Playurl (stops when round changes)

If i missed anything please leave message here.

General / Server List
« on: 26.05.2015 18:25:42 »
Should i change server list to GameTracker or not ?
(The list on the main page)

Current updates with every refresh on page.
GameTracker looks nicer.
GameTracker will also have teamspeak3 server display.

General / Testing time guys !
« on: 07.05.2015 09:35:38 »









catgc.com   <- Please only use this, ips change, this will always work no matter what.

Currently connection goes though France so ping might be shit, but technically it works. Lets all try how it feels (ping wise). If its real bad i could try to switch to non DDoS protected German VPN later. Should be bit better than France ? When one day i will get my isp maybe move back to local dunno we will see.

Some servers might be bit outdated/broken since they have not been started since server went down kinda.

News / So some questionable news.
« on: 06.05.2015 23:44:52 »

Now question is, if i will enable it, what will happen with servers ping. Status seems to be pending so idk when i will be actually able to try it...

Idea behind:
Client/DDoS -> ISP -> Server;
Will be (questionable cause ping):
Client/DDoS -> (DDoS Protected VPN in France) -> ISP -> Server

Terms (Cause people keep asking me):
ISP - Internet Service Provider
DDoS - Distributed Denial Of Service (Attack)
VPN - Virtual Private Network

-php 5.5.15->5.6.8
-phpmyadmin 4.3.11->4.4.3
-mysql 5.6.10->5.6.24

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