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General / Happy easter!
« on: 18.04.2022 01:03:12 »
Hope everyone's having/had a great easter! Often times when I celebrate holidays I keep on thinking back about this community and the amazing time I had participating in it. Wish I could relive those days... Anyways, happy easter!

TTT General / Is the server dead?
« on: 26.04.2016 22:42:58 »
Hey... I've not been on this website for a looong time. So I remembered the fun I had playing on this server, also the non-fun moments. But anyways, I decided to come back, have the fun I used to have, to meet everyone who i used to talk to, but the server's been empty lately. I don't know if the server is dead, if it's only fully-stocked in some time I wasn't able to see or if the community is dead or if something else. So if there's a post about this or if someone knows anything about this I'd really appreaciate it if you could leave a comment.
This server wasn't the most popular, the most well-managed one but it was GOOD (well good enough) and the people were GOOD (well most of them). So if the server is actually dead, well I just wanna say that I had a blast and thanks to everyone who were awesome.
Kami out.

Introductions / Re: Dr. Kamikaze's Introduction
« on: 26.11.2014 15:36:59 »

Have some cake and enjoy your stay :P
I'm not a cake eater saddly. Unless it's a chocolate one :D

Introductions / Re: Dr. Kamikaze's Introduction
« on: 24.11.2014 21:47:41 »
Tryin to delete it. 'Only a moderator, admin can delete it'.

Introductions / Dr. Kamikaze's Introduction
« on: 24.11.2014 19:40:09 »
Hello Everyone, my in-game name is Dr. Kamikaze. I'm 14 years old and I'be been playing on the CaT TTT server is 3 days, 4 hours and 54 minutes.

I'm from Lithuania and my favourite games are Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. My total time for Garry's Mod is 682 hours and for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it's 140 hours.

All I can tell about myself is that I'm a sucker for games which have great soundtracks like Hotline Miami and that I love explosives.

What I dislike are Hackers. I'm a honest guy when playing games. I want to start fair, and finish it fair. If I would ever hack in-game then I would ask myself: "Was it worth getting this game now that I finished it in 10 mins with this hack?".

Anyways, I guess that's it. If you guys want to find out something more about me feel free to ask. See ya.   :-)

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