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TTT Suggestions / Silenced M4A1
« on: 12.11.2014 22:18:58 »
I would suggest a small DMG buff for the M4A1 since it is just 8 dmg on body shots (with armor).
Best thing would be to increase the DMG by 2 or 3 points so it would be atleast a usefull gun.

TTT Suggestions / Buff the P90
« on: 17.08.2014 20:58:29 »
The P90 is a totally shitgun. I am sure everyone agrees.
No one uses the p90 couse it's low firerate, low accuary and low Dmg.
I think the Rate of fire should get increased a bit so it gets more useful and it would be more near to the reallity.

TTT Suggestions / T Rate
« on: 14.08.2014 16:55:48 »
The T rate should be decreased from 1:3 to 1:4 since it is too easy being a T and you usally get over run on small maps as I/D.

General / Continent of the Ninth Seal
« on: 14.07.2014 01:00:49 »
Lurifax, Noomie and me playing together C9 and we have a guild. Every member of this community is welcomed to join the guild AbExtra.

What is C9?

It is a MMORPG
The link shows the steamsite.

Why should I play it?

Even if you don't like MMORPGs this going to be great fun because the game play and the dungeons are a lot of fun especially when you go through them with your guild.

How can I join?

Just contact Lurifax, Noomie or me.
You also could reply to this threat when interested.

Hope to see some of you guys.


DarkRP General / Dead?
« on: 30.06.2014 17:18:50 »
It seems like the DarkRP server is about to die if we won't start playing on it.

Introductions / Introduction of Offline
« on: 20.06.2014 17:00:37 »
mine name is Heinrich and i am 17 years old. I live in Bavaria,Germany.
I am a part of this community for quiet a long time.
There is not much to tell about me.
I am still going to school. I am in the 11th class and studieng Technology.
You can meet me often in the Ts3 server and most people know me pretty well.
If you want to know more just ask.

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