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General / PUBG General (Scores and Discussion)
« on: 10.04.2017 20:35:45 »
Since H1Z1 is trash, I figured we can just put our best scores here. Or just having a normal discussion about the game in  general.

You can provide a screenshot and show it in case people actually think you are lying.

This is a Website to check people scores, it takes In-game name ofc.

Silly and useless topics! / MISSING!
« on: 11.10.2016 16:38:24 »

CS:GO General / CS:GO and FOV
« on: 25.06.2015 20:14:00 »
Custom res can give you a major advantage. Doubling the width can increase your FOV stupidly much. The crosshair is kinda fucked up...
Is there any real advantage for this? Naaah, just for fun. But it's always there if someone actually wants to use this.

All pictures are resized to 1920x1080 or 16:9 if you want to know that.
The pictures are taken in  1920x1080 and 3840x1080.
It's my Imgur Album for this...

CS:S General / Today I became a good player
« on: 02.05.2015 21:35:38 »
Today I'm good player

Silly and useless topics! / Rant about the Mod sale!
« on: 27.04.2015 01:25:16 »
The deal with that Steam takes 75% is ok. It's ok for them to sell the mods.
I see nothing wrong with it at all.

Cosmetics for Dota 2 and CS:GO. The makers get a cut of it. How much I have no idea. Dota 2 tickets for tournaments. 15% goes to the pricepool. Volvo takes 75% of the total of it. So they get 10% to spend on the tournament itself. You can still watch the games for free on twitch. Its to support them why they do it.

The problem I see with how Steam does it is that they remove the donation links in  the descriptions...


General / My experience with Jacuzzi
« on: 22.04.2015 17:15:03 »
I have soon been on this server for 2 years. As my forum account is registered 28.07.2013.

The incident with Jac is prob to date the most known thing that ever happened here.
Jac was normal guy at first. I didn't really care about him at all at the start. He just played and I just played. Nothing wrong. He added me and started to talking with me (I was a mod at this point so I just had to add people if something was happening on the server). We started talking more and more and nothing in between us at all. I still had my shity fuck life at this point and I talked to people to make me feel better. People that helped a lot and stuff (The people that I'm talking about know who they are).

Fast forward 2 months

He started to talk with just the same people. I dunno what had changed with him at all. He prob just didn't like the way I where and such. Then he left the server and stuff. I knew there was still people I talked with regularly that talked with him.. I actually have no idea what triggered this thing that made he hate me to the max. I didn't care I just lived my life like I always had done.

5 months after he decided to make people that he knew I talked to delete me on steam and says stuff.
I had no idea what was happening. At this point I got really fucking mad cause why even.

A week later the shoutbox incident happened.
The incident is actually really funny. For me at least.
I was in  the TS with Bluestar and some other I can't remember. When all of this was happening I couldn't stop thinking how low you can sink. He actually tried to make people hate me like that. For him I was Satan himself. I remember stuff that he said like "He is just destroying the community", "He is just abusing his powers" and "He is tricking you all". (Wish I had the logs of that stuff).
Just a big fuck drama in  the shoutbox and I was laughing the whole time. I told someone that I did that and that person got mad at me. That person talked with both. Well he kinda achieved it and stuff. But meh. For me it was pathetic to do it at all. Why would you try to make like 50 people to hate 1 person? And they all you have talked with the internet.

Well that was mostly it. I still to date find it retarded by him.

Stavik will now ban me.

Bluestar knows everything I did on the server and if I was gonna change something I told him beforehand always. Just to see what he thinks of it and stuff.

[User was modded for this post]

Silly and useless topics! / HoS
« on: 08.04.2015 18:58:55 »
Since there is many out there already and I just got 4 for no fucking reason... You can have them


They are for HoS or Heroes of the Storm.

Silly and useless topics! / You are all retarded!
« on: 13.02.2015 03:53:10 »
You are all retarded people! But there is also normal people I'm gonna list!

List of non-retarded people:
- Bluestar
- Stavik
- Desy
- Islu
- Noomie
- Adolf
- Lurifax
- Undies
- Thomlin
- Lincoln
- Jessy
- Mabz (He quit a long long long long long long long time ago)
- Akiz (He is still retarded but in  a cute way ;; )

CS:GO General / Fnatic hate train!
« on: 29.11.2014 02:04:48 »
As people prob don't know.. CS:GO is a complete mess in the pro scene. Hacking ect.
Both JW and Flusha from Fnatic has been charged with hacking (Not VAC banned yet).

Some things I just want too show the NON-REDITTORS here:
- http://i.imgur.com/UXBdQra.png

Pixelwalking is banned by DreamHack rules. Why is Fnatic doing this then?
- https://gfycat.com/GrimUniqueInsect
- http://i.imgur.com/AROrw0u.jpg

It's clearly you aren't even supposed to be on those spots at all.
- http://i.imgur.com/5e2T6l6.jpg

Flusha is making the hacking so obvious its stupid:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leXjNLDjVXw
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTmLlFzIcIo
- http://gfycat.com/HopefulHospitableIndianringneckparakeet#?speed=0.5
- http://gfycat.com/HighHandsomeFreshwatereel
- http://gfycat.com/IncomparablePlaintiveIndri

- http://gfycat.com/DesertedDarlingEasternglasslizard <-- Pronax
He could hear him. But the accurate aim like that is kinda suspicious.

- http://gfycat.com/GiantPerkyKoi# <-- KRIMZ
This seems suspicious. But I think it's more about sound.

Then we can just add this for fun!

Edit: I have never liked Fnatic in  CS:GO rest of their team's are amazing people but the CS:GO one is just toxic as fuck.

Silly and useless topics! / DiivZe
« on: 11.11.2014 18:13:57 »
Introduction: Made one, but it isn't needed at all :)

Can I haz Staff? I am qualified for this job and you all know it very well :)

Silly and useless topics! / DiivZe
« on: 11.11.2014 18:13:27 »
Introduction: Made one, but it isn't needed at all :)

Can I haz Staff? I am qualified for this job and you all know it very well :)

Silly and useless topics! / Giff powers pls
« on: 31.10.2014 19:56:29 »
I want powers so I can ban Shy, Poorly and Jan for knifing me. Owen doesn't deserve a ban cause he change name and failed 3 times. So please. I need powers.


General / Retiring
« on: 12.09.2014 19:41:47 »

TTT Complaints / Unban appeals / Guidelines
« on: 12.09.2014 00:34:42 »
Please use this when using this sub-forum.

Code: [Select]
My in-game name: [Name]
My Steam ID: [STEAM_0:0:00000000]
Banned by: [Mod/Admin's in-game name]
Ban Length:
Why should you be unbanned/ban lowered:

Code: [Select]
My in-game name: [Name]
My Steam ID: [STEAM_0:0:00000000]
Other person's in-game name: [Name]
Other person's Steam ID: [STEAM_0:0:00000000]

Also, if you have nothing to do with the ban/complaint do not post on it!

General / Desktop
« on: 04.09.2014 21:57:27 »
Post a screenshot of your desktop here. I do this because I'm really bored and had to screenshot it for another case. >.<

Mine is amazing and cool

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