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General / gay if read
« on: 15.02.2018 18:02:12 »

Deathrun Suggestions / Deathrun bugs
« on: 17.06.2014 16:55:35 »
Post all of your favorite Deathrun bugs right here!

Infinite number of !votemap ''votes''.

Sometimes when a person votes for a map, the server will keep adding the persons vote towards the map, spamming it in chat and not actually counting towards the vote.
A person tried to kick me twice, because it kept spamming it in chat, which made me very sad.

BUG: http://imgur.com/a/xSjRG

TTT Suggestions / Removal of the black hole grenade
« on: 30.05.2014 16:14:40 »
The black hole grenade can be used to grief and lag out the server, making it unplayable at times.
If used correctly it can be used to make the server unplayable for up to 1 minute.

I'm therefore suggesting to remove the black hole grenade, as it isn't very useful to begin with and when used ''correctly'' lags out the server.

General / Screenshots!?
« on: 03.05.2014 01:47:48 »
Screenshot thread?
Screenshot thread!

Who the fuck does Bush think he is?

Introductions / None of yo businetsss
« on: 02.05.2014 22:15:56 »
Oh hello, didn't see you there!
I'm Junkerd!
Otherwise known as that guy who's super duper cool and handsome!

I'm Junkerd, I'm 17 years old and I live in Japan (otherwise known as Denmark).
I was in SyGC for over a year until I got ''removed'', but now I'm here! And actually I'm currently the 4rth person to have joined this ''community'' before anyone else! The only people who joined before me was Bluestar, Lurifax and that adulf guy (Counting people who are still active >.>).
You may know me for high horsing! But that's only because nobody else acknowledge my work (or atleast not good enough >.>).

I consider myself the ''event'' Nah maker of this community, because lets face it, I'm totes into those events! And as soon as a ''certain'' game gets a spectator mode, we're going to get another event going!
Yes amazing right?

So if you'd all just go ahead and praise me as your lord and savior and let auto promotes rain down upon me, that would be nice!

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