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Silly and useless topics! / be a cock
« on: 14.12.2014 17:28:09 »
Keep your flaming and off topic shait here.

General / Purpl
« on: 12.12.2014 21:37:15 »
I don't liek purpl. Can I haev normal grey shit again?
thenk you god

Silly and useless topics! / HAI
« on: 23.09.2014 20:24:54 »
Hi I'm Isoniazid, and I am very sad and lonely, so need a new best friend to play games with.

Silly and useless topics! / Vive la révolution
« on: 10.09.2014 19:51:41 »
Since much has been going on in this forum lately, I think it's about time that we stand up for ourselves!
I say we fight for our brethren, and do what's right! VIVE LA RÈVOLUTION!


Silly and useless topics! / The Cat family
« on: 01.09.2014 22:27:13 »
If four other CaTGC member would be your entire family, who would have which role?(also include yourself)
Just a funny little question because I'm bored off my ass.

For me I think Junkerd would be my mother, Diivze would be my older brother(oldest sibling), Noomie my older sister, and Bush would be my batshit crazy alcoholic dad who steals car batteries when no one's watching, and I would be the youngest of the siblings.

Silly and useless topics! / Chrome res
« on: 28.08.2014 10:46:19 »
My chrome client went from 1080p to something closer to shit, anyone know how to fix that?

General / Have anyone seen this man?
« on: 20.08.2014 21:33:02 »

Introductions / SgtBrownie's introduction
« on: 07.08.2014 23:52:07 »
An intro has already been made of me on the SYGC forums, but I decided to make one here anyway, so here we go:

I'm SgtBrownie as most of you probably know me as, but what most of my friends, teachers, my mum and basically the rest of the world calls me by now, is Snoba. It's a combination of both my First and last name and I've had this nick for two years now. It started as my login username to my school's
computer system, and then people thought it was catchy. People also call me Pyrobabbe for some reason, don't know how that happend.

Some of my hobbies are gaming, anime, drawing and sometimes even a little paintball.
I live in "some place" with my parents, my two brothers and a chubby little Cocker spaniel dog that is currently sleeping on my bed :3
I've been playing on this server (and sygc) for quite some time, just poking around really, you know like playing with explosive barrels, slapping Diivze in the wee wee with a crowbar, and multitasking.
That's really all there is to know about me, and that's about all that I'm gonna share.

Till we meet again!           

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