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General / Re: The Steam Awards
« on: 29.12.2019 19:54:28 »
 :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Well hello there

Reason why i am getting a bit inactive, is because of school exams and much more stuff.

What i mean is, our main language isn't English and that means I might have grammar mistakes.

Ummmm, can i get interviewed? :o

Noomie, i am from Latvia and i am 13, how do you expect my grammar to be perfect.

I was a robber this Halloween. Extra candy.

Say what you think?

Introductions / Re: Senpai's Introduction
« on: 29.10.2014 03:51:22 »
Good to have new people in the community

IGN: [CaT] YoloMuffins
ID: STEAM_0:1:61970518
Intro: http://catgc.com/index.php?topic=819.0
Playtime: 5 days 2 hours
Ranking: Trusted

Garry's mod is a game that actually got pretty deep in my heart, because it's different then others and it's where all the game modes came from :D. CaTGC is the best community i know, but there are probably a lot community's that might be as good.

The job of Moderators is to keep it peaceful from people that abuse and such. You can't just tell others what to do, and other stuff. You need to respect everyone, unless they disobey rules even when you tell them to stop.

Even today, i stopped 3 abusers breaking 5 rules, well at least one of them did break 5 rules (Approved by the community owner). I just really want to help the community to get really high. (If you kno what i mean ;) )
Some people have different time zones, such as me and it can really help if there are abusers when others are away. This can really help because we would have less abusers.

I used to kill my self as well, but now i see no reason because it's mostly bad for the community.
I just really want to help CaTGC (I really hope that you understand what I mean)

Introductions / YoloMuffins Introduction
« on: 29.10.2014 03:29:08 »
Hey everyone!

I will start off that i am 13 years old, and i am from Latvia. I am pretty Obsessed with video games, also I am pretty obsessed basketball and that's where is spend 3-5 hours a day, well i spend that much on both. This is the only server i get respected and i meet a lots of awesome people there.
I am a pretty shy guy, like i have the mic for 70 euros and i literary never use it in-game.
(I really didn't know what to say xD)

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