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Author Topic: make RVK bannable  (Read 2337 times)


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make RVK bannable
« on: 29.06.2014 01:09:59 »
today i got kicked for waiting for a trap untill it finshes
[CaT]Pablo started a votekick against You
[CaT]Satanium Ore: wtf
[CaT]Satanium Ore was killed by func_movelinear
*DEAD* Josť: LOL
*DEAD* [CaT] Ola: xd
*DEAD* [CaT]Satanium Ore: srsly bro?
[CaT]Satanium Ore: are you blind?
[CaT]Pablo: it helped
Vote results: User will now be kicked, pending approval. (9/14)
Disconnect: Vote kick successful. (afk).
Disconnect: Vote kick successful. (afk).

So please...
make RVK bannable thats the second time Pablo kicks me for waiting for a trap


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