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General / Post your poetry shit here
« on: 31.03.2016 10:10:03 »
Just woke up in the morning and by taking a sip from my beer I got inspired to write a few lines.

"Woke up by a morning breeze with a sip of beer. Its vapid taste running amok my mouth, killing every reek of the previous day. Thinking about everything I could've done, but hope was washed aside."

And that's my rough sketch.

TTT Suggestions / Raising the cost of T rounds
« on: 21.06.2015 22:02:15 »
  After a sudden realization, I've found T rounds to be utterly cheap letting you become a traitor almost every round. Therefore, people are getting annoyed of the player who constantly buys T rounds, leaving them with more suspicions on him. That is - quite irrelevant.
  The mod is based on RNG so you can never predict what you could become or not. Isn't the point of the game to have a variety in the gameplay without choosing in advance what you will be playing as?
  What another thing I would like to note is that T rounds can be used as a harrasment. If we say the player wants to buy T rounds only to bicker with a specific person, that is questionable if it's against the rules or not. In fact, it looks like some kind of RDM but you are the traitor and no one can tell you anything.
  My idea is to raise the cost of the T rounds of at least 300 points as 15 is way cheap, bearing in mind you get 1 point (on every 5 min)?

Art Development / My art gallery
« on: 31.05.2014 11:21:19 »
As some guys know, I can draw. And by saying draw I mean interested in drawing and becoming a graphic designer.
Here are some of them:
I'm still colouring it. Dota players will understand this.

Maynard James Keenan, ofcourse                                                     

TTT Suggestions / New map cycling
« on: 05.05.2014 00:13:36 »
Alright, I think it gets tired when it gets time to vote for a map. When that happens all of them are listed. Usually the same maps are chosen again and again. That doesn't give chance for the other ones.
What I'm suggesting is to add a new way of map voting:
When it gets time to vote, 6 maps that haven't been played for the last hours has to be listed. I've seen that in other servers and I find it really good. It's some kind of plugin.

Introductions / 25.10.1917
« on: 02.05.2014 11:30:57 »

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