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Introduction + Journal (edited 11th of February)
« on: 02.12.2016 00:51:10 »
Hey everyone. I'm the newest addition to the team, Ben. I'll be the one on the first idle server on TF2, so if anyone want to talk to me, hit me when i'm online :) I'll make a journal/post every week starting today, so expect semi-spam with that ^v^"

Entry 1:

Well, nothing really special to do. Server is pretty empty. Maybe in the next week something good will happen, and i'll not have to deal with cheaters (i had one 3 days ago, and it wasn't nice to deal with :shake:

Entry 2:

A week has passed, so i'm putting my 2nd entry in the same place. Everything is going pretty well, excluding one time that the server has apparently crashed, but it was just a minor setback. Personally, I think there needs to be done something about people who exploit the !friendly command to heal with a medigun, since it's the most game-breaking exploit yet.

Entry 3:

Nothing special this week in the server, however i did notice that there is a new tab in the site specifically for introductions. I would have moved this journal there, however i can't seem to do it. ^^' I continue to keep check on the server as i always do, however it seems that I get timed out quite a bit lately, probably to a lack of a wired Ethernet cable.

Entry 4:

Almost missed out on making this entry ^^; So, smissmas has arrived and i'm really annoyed for getting a cosmetic case, because i have no key for it. The server is fine, and i had a test run in manager position. All I can say about it is that it's very much alive and well. Personal live, I had a money probelm since my car needs to be fixed, but that's not really related to the game server.

Entry 5:

Welp, server crashed and only now (20:04 my time) just went up. But other than that nothing interesting happened this week. All I know is that things are OK, the person who was cheating on the server is long gone, and that the server is getting more and more people playing on it by the day. So yeah, seems like the future will hold some great things! ^^

Entry 6:

So, I was late with this update by 30 minutes, and I am sorry for that ^^; Anyway, I actually haven't been very active on TF2 this week, and today I haven't played at all, but next week I know i'll be more active. Nothing really to report, but I'll try and get some more news for the next update in the following week.

Entry 7:

Missed the time by 2 hours this time (damnit!), but I still did this update. So, the server was a bit down today due to technical issues, but everything seems to be fine. Also, with Bluestar's clearance, I've became TF2 Idle1 server's new manager! ^^ This is, of course, a day to remember for me. So if you have any problems going on in that TF2 server, please tell me. So lucky no' 7 to me, and HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH, EVERYONE!  ;)

Entry 8:

Holy mary mother of joseth, i missed the update day ^^; Kinda because of personal reasons. BUT! I'm still here. So anyway, i'm pretty much in the "seat of power" and just mess around in the server, which was completely fine this week except a minor power-failure exception (happened because idle2 got DDOS'd and Bluestart had to cut the power :shake: But yeah, all good for now ^^

Entry 9:

Shiet. Missed 2 weeks already?! Well, god damnit. But yeah, i'm still alive. Yestuday was the best day of my life, because i have recieved the rarest item in TF2 and got to hang onto it for a day
So yeah, i'm very happy. Sorry about missing the update time...twice. But i'll come back to it again!
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