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General / Regarding the Private Channels in Teamspeak
« on: 25.01.2015 20:45:44 »
So here is the thing.

The private channel section in Teamspeak is chaotic, people sit in 3 different channels with the same friends they usually speak with. Everyone can have a private channel but it doesn't mean everyone should. If you have a circle of friends that you usually sit in Teamspeak with then you make one main channel with different sub channels if needed, it looks cleaner and better. You're not supposed to make a private channel just because you want to prove a point or have a channel where you can type a silly name and description because you're bored.

If you want to keep your private channel you'll type the full name of it in this thread and an explanation of why you should get to keep it.
You have until Wednesday 28/01-15.

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