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Richter's Application - Deathrun
« on: 26.09.2014 17:17:06 »
Hello again,

First, let's start with the basic informations:

My in-game name: .Richter
My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:31079873 (ID64: 76561198022425474)
My introduction can be seen here: http://catgc.com/index.php?topic=588.0

As the title says, I'm writing this application to become a moderator on the Deathrun server. I have 3+ days of playtime, and I have a Trusted rank.

About a week ago there were 6 moderators on the server. There was no problem, when I joined I always saw at least one mod, the rulebreakers were punished most of the time. But, something (well... demotions, resignations) happened to the Staff Team, and the number of mods went down to 3. As a savior, Daniel had applied and became a mod, so the number has changed to 4. But, as Weed mentioned in his own post 2 days ago, he can't be as online as he used to be due to personal reasons. And sadly, due to internet problems, Wacco can't be online from Sunday till Thursday. Now, we're talking about only 2 mods for a whole server that has ~20+ players in a regular afternoon. I can absolutely say that the server is understaffed, or lacks mods.
Why? When I used to play Murder constantly, I thought "handling a Deathrun server is easy, what can happen there?". People can't RDM each other, as they can on Murder. But after I've started playing, I had to realise that sometimes it's even worse. Deaths are killing themselves, because they would rather be Runners. And the mic spammers, oh god, they are everywhere. And I haven't even talked about teamplaying/cooping/ghosting/griefing/exploiting yet, huh. Oh, and don't forget the AFK'ers! I have to admit that most of the time it's even worse than Murder.
I do believe I could fill the hole in the team, and make the server a better place by punishing the rulebreakers without having to abuse my power. I will do my best, just as I did, and still do on Murder.

Now, something about my previous admin experiences. As you may already know, currently, I'm a Murder moderator. Thanks to that, I know the ULX commands, I know what they do, and I know how to use them.
I read every single guideline, and I have absolutely no problem with them, I understood and agree to them.

And the last thing is my activity. On weekends, I can be online - mostly - all day. On weekdays, it's a bit more complicated, but usually, I can play ~2 hours per day, but as I said, weekdays are complicated for me, so I can't tell you an exact period of time.
Also, nowadays the Murder server is quite inactive, so I will have enough time to spend on Deathrun.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Richter's Application - Deathrun
« Reply #1 on: 26.09.2014 17:28:34 »
Well as i know Richter from moderating Murder and playing with him on Dr he dont break rules and thats nice. Yeah as my doorm inet connection is bad i can be pretty active only from thursday till mid sunday so i give him +1

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Re: Richter's Application - Deathrun
« Reply #2 on: 26.09.2014 18:22:00 »
+1 very nice writing skills. Very good mod aswell  ;)

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Re: Richter's Application - Deathrun
« Reply #3 on: 26.09.2014 18:45:51 »
Since your application was well written, people here show they like you and because i've only received positive feedback on you I've decided to give you a chance, you're accepted.


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