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deep stuff keep it up :^)
hey banana man why do you write these interesting words in this beautiful and marvelous forum. Did you  know Apothedes the know barbarian king and ruler of all nations was incredibly geniune? No, because I made it up. In fact, I made up the previous three sentences in just 40 seconds. Incredible, huh? Well, it's called brain power. I'm not talking about your casual meme like going AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEOUYAYAYAYa like in that japanese song, but marvelous thing that lives inside your head and steals your oxygen in exchange of ability to think like no other mammal or even creature would. It's like a pact created by you and the being that does the thinking but never thinks for himself. Is that deep? Partly, yes, but what I find deep is nothing. You might tell that the ocean is deep, however when we look at the space we only see that ocean is nothing that represents deepness.  Following my statements, it's really time for me to dig deep. Like that one song that was made by Freddie Gibbs, but it's name is not "Deep", instead, it is titled "Deeper". And I gotta say, the song I mentioned is lyrically deeper than random nonsense I just wrote in 4 minutes.
dude you;re my hero

deep stuff keep it up :^)

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Hate Thread
« on: 21.10.2016 17:47:24 »
cuz u are inbred eks dee XDDD

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Hate Thread
« on: 20.10.2016 23:29:00 »
you bet

u woff mang? u foknn wan go m8, ill let u kno my dad used to whip me on my dicc and i still wojuldnt cri

Silly and useless topics! / Re: fuck the police!
« on: 08.07.2016 16:20:59 »
this is a nice post

Unban Appeals / Re: Unban Appeal for Blinked
« on: 07.07.2016 20:33:22 »

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Hope
« on: 24.06.2016 15:38:06 »
i dont have hopes i only have salt

Art Development / Re: My art gallery
« on: 15.05.2016 03:06:17 »
dank kush m8

General / Re: TIPS PLS
« on: 13.05.2016 20:47:00 »
ok i think im kinda getting the hang of this game

« on: 03.05.2016 20:19:23 »
sweden will win anyways

TTT General / Re: Is the server dead?
« on: 27.04.2016 21:09:53 »
its all fine fam

General / Re: Post your poetry shit here
« on: 03.04.2016 03:13:55 »
its a mess
who will be
much less

Introductions / Re: MinexSoftDows' Introduction
« on: 25.03.2016 02:19:42 »
Hey there! ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

General / Re: I am a fucking idiot.
« on: 11.03.2016 17:28:35 »

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