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Silly and useless topics! / rate pls
« on: 22.12.2015 00:31:10 »
So how do you guys rate DJ Khaled?

Silly and useless topics! / is this allowed?
« on: 16.12.2015 22:50:16 »
is this allowed?


Silly and useless topics! / clay
« on: 15.06.2015 23:01:19 »
Gib clay so i can don8 to poland.
poland wants to into space. pls don8 @ 9999-poland

General / TIPS PLS
« on: 12.12.2014 18:52:11 »
I need tips to improve myself in osu! since i only started yesterday btw I play with the mouse and keyboard

Silly and useless topics! / POINTS
« on: 27.10.2014 13:46:13 »
Can like everybody give me 10 points when they see me on the TTT server like pls.
P.S. Jan Is Love, Jan Is Life.

Introductions / The rood dood.
« on: 26.10.2014 20:09:31 »
Herro players and staffs of CaTGC, I am Zev aka. PS3-Stluffy or PS3-Senpai. I'm underage. I like Yu-Gi-Oh. I live in germany but I'm not german. I'm actually mongolian and no, I don't break shitty walls. FYI i can speak 3 languages fluently which are german mongolian and ENGRIISHHH, I'm learning spanish. i spend like 1-5 hours gaming per day.

a lady gaga song parody:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KbqRPuQetY . :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing: :missing:

General / TTT server got fucked in the butt
« on: 17.09.2014 21:03:01 »
So the TTT server is now full of bugs and shit. So can anyone like reset the server and just comment the time u played in the comments so the admins know it. Blue is gonna pissed when he sees this server.

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