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Silly and useless topics! / "We are all the liars" paradox
« on: 23.10.2016 20:13:05 »
If we are telling only the truth, my statement (1) will tell us that we are all the liars, so I am a liar too. So we are all not the liars (2). So we are the liars, etc. This is an endless loop.

Did you see mismatches? Yes, about it... Actually this statement's origin is Crete, what is in Greece (3).

What I think about it (you... still not sleeping?)? Epimenides just told "liars". He didn't tell what liars. So he could mean "complete liars" or "not complete liars". But. Only if we are partly the liars, this statement becomes real. Cause even if this statement is made by some liar (4), it will mean that we are partly telling the truth.

Might be interesting (those numbers inside square brackets [5]):

1) It's not my statement.
2) We are the liars.
3) It's not the original statement.
4) This number is pointing out the truth (Deceived. Everyday.). I was telling some lies.
5) Only this number is inside square brackets, others are inside round ones.

So. Are you the liars? I know that you are but...

Introductions / SCP's Introduction
« on: 29.08.2015 17:50:32 »
I'm here for almost 1 year, so... Why not?

Hello, my name is Arian and my nick is SCP-687 (last 3 numbers can change sometimes). I play a lot on deathrun, and I think Wacco, Moon will remember me (and maybe Daniel, Richter, Pixelated Weed, Smiley or even Chiefstain (sorry if i didn't write anyone's else nickname because I played with a lot of people, new and old, but all you are very good :nod:)).

I almost never use my mic... Just because I sometimes think my voice is shit, but my friends don't think so, and I remember again any recordings of my voice... So, I use chat.

Yeh, I'm not the best bhoper, so sometimes I (like some newbies) can die on very easy traps.

Now about myself (Really? ??? - HeadStaff).

I live in Estonia, Tallinn. But who cares?

I can be a little strange in some things.

+ I live near one of founders
+ I don't eat meat
+ I'm not the best bhoper
Additional + I can't be a cannibal :o

- 1 year of my life... wasted? ~6,25%
- I don't eat meat
- I'm not the best bhoper

PS: some information may change at any time.

Here is a small instruction, how to check it.
  • if you want to know it, look for http://catgc.com/index.php
  • if servers are offline, ask Bluestar or anyone, who knows him (through Steam, of course)
  • if you played on server and it just closed down, but in 5 min (on http://catgc.com/index.php) server is still online, it was cause of vpn (sometimes happens) - soon you can visit again your favourite server
  • if you want to know, "Are CaTGC and its servers opened now?" - look at first point
Or how I met Bluestar :-\

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