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General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 21.09.2016 19:00:01 »
Noomie, since when do we go around editing posts instead of replaying to them ?

General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 21.09.2016 17:07:33 »
Does it use laser or optics? Also is it accelerated (cause its bad for fps games)?

Best lasers you can imagine, and it has two! So no worries, it will have the best response you can possibly get. I believe it is accelerated but you can easily disable this in the settings. It's also only 30$!

General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 23:10:53 »
Roccat Nyth might fit your description

That left side tho. Its not a mouse its a keyboard.

General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 22:50:02 »
@Другарю Рийл_Дийл

Both of those mice do not have "finger holder" on the right side. Its kinda a deal breaker for me.
Also i kinda do not like Razer build quality nowadays.

General / Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 20:58:00 »
Guys help me find a decent mouse that would fit me...

I have had:
Razer Krait - Uncomfy
Steelseries Ikari - Comfy i did not like it
Corsair M65 - Uncomfy
Func MS-3 R2 - Amazing mouse, but company got sold to Fanatic and stopped producing that mouse...

I use palm grip and need something big so my pinky finger would also be on mouse and not touch mousepad.

Was looking into:
Speedlink mouse Decus Limited Edition

But maybe someone is smart enough to recommend me something better...

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 18.08.2016 08:36:06 »
Just came with an idea!
 Let's make a guild in the upcoming expansion of WoW - "Legion"

So host WoW private server ?

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 17.08.2016 14:59:03 »
There is no server browser for Terraria, so it will more or less be only our community. I could host it but i don't see it getting many people.

General / Servers we should host
« on: 17.08.2016 14:01:50 »
Guys hosting some of the servers become useless (I know its been useless for some times now). What should I host instead tho ? If I were to take down Cinema and Murder servers i could host 2 Source game servers or maybe something completely else. Sadly i don't have much time to work and keep eye on servers lately. I can host nearly anything.

Things i would not want to host:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - Game is so outdated that setting up mods for it is more than just pain
Garry's Mod - Requires a lot of server managing, updates break stuff, is much less popular lately
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Servers run like crap on windows and setting em up is death of me
Minecraft - Last time i had actuall server it ended up having over 500 people banned cause of griefing and 1 active player
Rust - Was empty for the longest, even if our community plays there it eventually dies off, tried hosting 3 times.
Dayz - do not own the game

Preferably some more popular game so servers wont sit as empty as gmod servers right now

Silly and useless topics! / Re: rip steam gambling :(
« on: 14.07.2016 18:30:37 »
I have never gambled, well i did bet twice with 1$ skin in csgolounge.

TTT General / Re: Is the server dead?
« on: 27.04.2016 02:15:12 »
Well forums are still alive, even if people don't type they still check here. Servers, well i still have em open if anyone feels like playing there but indeed they are kinda dead.

Development log / Get latest Cube Hopper version
« on: 03.04.2016 06:05:39 »
Download link for launcher : http://data.catgc.com/1337CubeHopper1337/launcher.exe

//Ultra outdated. Contact me if you are interested in trying it out Cube Hopper, i can provide steam key.

Introductions / Re: MinexSoftDows' Introduction
« on: 24.03.2016 02:26:04 »
Welcome !

GGWP loading this thread is lagging my browser. Also nice "music" Owen.  :no:

Deathrun General / Re: Mario World is bugged
« on: 05.03.2016 14:20:15 »
It happens when server looses connection with database.

Introductions / Re: eRoxx Introduction
« on: 04.02.2016 18:55:54 »
Whats ur fav hero? If it's any of the meta shits I'll murder you. ))))
There goes your 420 mark.

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