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General / Re: PUBG General (Scores and Discussion)
« on: 03.07.2017 18:52:37 »
Only won once in duo with Jan. He carried me

General / Re: PUBG General (Scores and Discussion)
« on: 11.04.2017 23:02:18 »
Game is decent, dunno bout other games like this, but the short time makes it really intense
Don't like how some houses are filler houses D:

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Minecraft Jokes
« on: 10.03.2017 13:16:05 »
absolutely chilling

General / Re: I am a fucking idiot.
« on: 10.03.2017 13:13:45 »
Let's bring this thread back to life ppl

the dark side of catgc

General / Re: A sad day in the history of catgc
« on: 23.05.2015 03:18:32 »
Are there more details? How fast did this all happen?

Not quite sure, but meningitis seems to be a pretty fast-developing disease, so I don't think he was ill for very long before he was admitted. Thomlin seems to be the one who knows the most about this, but he might not want to talk that much about it, seeing as they were pretty close.

General / A sad day in the history of catgc
« on: 23.05.2015 02:26:43 »
Yesterday, catgc lost a most valuable member. Stian Finanger Thorvaldsen, or as we knew him best, Adolf Hipster, passed away last night.
He had a severe case of meningitis, an infection in the brain and/or spinal cord. He was admitted yesterday, then he was moved to another hospital, where he took his last breath.

He was one of the founding members of this community and a great part in shaping CaTGC into what it is today. We might not have agreed upon everything and no doubt, there were conflicts. But he was a great person none the less.

19 years is how old he became before he left this world. That's one year older than me. I'm sure he treasured life as much as anyone, yet he ceased to exist at such a young age. This could've happened to anyone.

I know I'm not particularly good at writing this kind of stuff, but please don't let my ability get in the way of honoring his memory.

My thoughts go to his family and close ones.

So, remember: never hesitate to live your life to the fullest. It's your privilege to have the means to do so, so don't let them go to waste. Death can come when we least expect it.

General / Re: Steam VR
« on: 03.03.2015 20:49:29 »
Was at a work fair today and there was this local business with a oculus tech demo. It was one of those rides at amusement parks that straight up and down real quick. Shit was intense

This topic surely is in the right place
Silly and useless

Silly and useless topics! / Bush shaming
« on: 26.02.2015 18:06:52 »
Look how silly bush is

26. februar 2015
16:58 - Bush: i luv u bluestar
16:58 - Bush: shit wrong person
16:58 - Bush: nvm
16:49 - Lurifax 詐欺師: gg
16:58 - Bush: this never happend
16:49 - Lurifax 詐欺師: this so happened
16:58 - Bush: wtf are u going to do about it?
16:58 - Bush: Punk.
16:49 - Lurifax 詐欺師: you'll see


yah see, lil uns; when I was admin, the world was a better place.
lots of money everywhere and admins fucked around as the pleased. Good times.

TTT Suggestions / Re: End Round sounds
« on: 09.12.2014 22:30:02 »

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