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General / 5 compliments
« on: 15.09.2014 22:06:49 »
Since I've been a complete jerk to a lot of people and there's not much going on in this forum, I've decided to give 5 people a compliment.
Nieksas, you always were a helpful person in the server, even before you became staff.
Offline and Kitty, you two are always my number one choice of company to play games and do recording with, which I hope will happen again soon.
Noomie, you really have patience not blocking me after all the crap I've given you, you really are a model staff member, there has to be a reason you got such a promotion back then.
DiivZe, I don't even know if you are still here, but I remember when you actually had fun in the server and we somehow even managed to get along.

Feel free to give your own 5 compliments to people who need or deserve them.

General / Post videos.
« on: 07.08.2014 10:59:37 »
Since I noticed there wasn't a topic for this and people suggested me to do this, I'm gonna post videos here, feel free to do so yourself.

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