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Title: Ban
Post by: Fampo on 12.01.2016 18:39:34
I want to complain about Korra... i said i h8 ma lyfe... and dat i wanted ban... but she didnbt want to ban me... plz ban me....

or add hatsu miku playermodel...
Title: Re: Ban
Post by: ps3-sensei on 12.01.2016 19:50:35
il add my willy into you :^)))))))))
Title: Re: Ban
Post by: Dessi on 12.01.2016 20:17:18
You can't complain here about an admin not willing to ban you just because you ask, take it with that admin instead or maybe fix your personal issues by yourself. If you want something to be added to the deathrun server there is a suggestion board for the server.

I'm locking the thread as it's probably a joke, there is a silly and useless section for that.
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