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Deathrun Complaints / Unban appeals / Ban
« on: 12.01.2016 18:39:34 »
I want to complain about Korra... i said i h8 ma lyfe... and dat i wanted ban... but she didnbt want to ban me... plz ban me....

or add hatsu miku playermodel...

General / Ranking up
« on: 14.12.2014 21:05:57 »
Well... i have 3 Days.. and it takes an admin which is online to make me regular so plz come and do that.. OR just make an addon/plugin which does that automatically

Introductions / Fampo's Introduction
« on: 16.07.2014 20:27:34 »
Hello my name is Paul Tutass
I am from Germany
I am 13 years old (A Little Young)
I like Garry's Mod, specially Deathrun
I have a Mic and Use it (allmost Mic spam)

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