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Author Topic: The weapon balancing thread!  (Read 8235 times)

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Re: The weapon balancing thread!
« Reply #15 on: 07.10.2014 20:43:21 »
    My opinion of possible changes:
      • Incendiary grenade
      - Some additional damage won't hurt anyone.
      • P90
      - To make this viable you need to make it better than ump, which is quite impossible without making it OP.
      • Mac-10
      - It's unpractical to use as innocent, however, buffing would make it too huge for traitors.
      • Silenced Pistol
      - Clearly needs a nerf. Lowering fire rate would make it useless due to silenced sniper being up in here. Removing accuracy would again, make it useless due to silenced sniper. I just suggest reverting the changes so it won't 1-shot detectives - means you have some counter-attack against this weapon.
      • Single barrel
      - I think it's just underplayed weapon. If it needs buffs, then they should be minimum.
      • Throwing speed of knife
      - Not alot of people use knife for throwing. Increasing this might open opportunities to try it out.
      • Small knockback to Recombulator
      - do it.
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Re: The weapon balancing thread!
« Reply #16 on: 07.10.2014 21:00:36 »
I feel that the speed of the throwing knife is a bit unreal (I know TTT in general isn't supposed to be realistic) but if it was possible to increase the speed which it travels at it could only be positive?
Would also increase the range :)

I tried the single barrel for a few rounds last night and it might be a combination of weird hitboxes and being unlucky but I was not killing people with 1 shot.
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