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Author Topic: Changelog for DarkRP  (Read 4045 times)

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Changelog for DarkRP
« on: 09.06.2014 10:32:06 »


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1) Added Money Detector
2) Added Smart Snap


3) Fixed all hats except Horsie.
4) Fixed DarkRP files not downloading correctly.
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Re: Changelog for DarkRP
« Reply #1 on: 09.06.2014 23:46:19 »
----6/9/2014  to 6/10/2014(2 o' clock)----
--M9K Added
--NPC Car Dealer Added
--Fists for players
--Changed map to rp_downtown_evilmelon_v2
--Added a f*ckton of addons:
Code: [Select]
Weather / Daytime Addon(atmos)
Fading Doors
Gmod Legs
Keypad Tool
Keypad Cracker
Renamon playermodel
Climb Swep v2
Hit Numbers
Precision Tool
Smart Weld
CSS Weapons on M9K base (had to choose it)
NPC Car Dealer (picked by votes)
--Toolgun Restrictions
--Map setups (thanks to Diivze for setting up the jails)
--Setting changes
--Some bugfixes
--All current custom jobs!
Code: [Select]
Fight Club Owner
Admin on duty
Ninja Hitman
S.W.A.T Sniper


--Switched most downloads to workshop -- Fixed missing sh*t
-- Changed map to rp_downtown_v4e_fix
--New Addons:
Code: [Select]
Ultra Effects Pack
GTA V Style Death(wasted)

-- Remastered Some Default jobs ( Cops, Cop Chief,Mobbos,Gangsters)
-- Added a shitload of shipments
-- Added ammo


-- Only gundealer sells weapons now
-- New customs
-- Added f4 commands
-- More bugfixes
-- Bunch of new addons


-- Added ulx warn and playurlsound
-- No more ability to parkour-roll without climb_swep2
-- More printers:

Code: [Select]
Normal Printer: Prints 100$
Topaz Printer: Prints 200$
Emerald Printer: Prints 400$
Ruby Printer: Prints 500$
Sapphire Printer: Prints 750$

-- Bug fixes
-- Added Mayor Guard Job
-- Updated cop agenda (now swats are included)
-- Cop doorgroups updated
-- Increased gun prices
-- Added mayor voting system
-- Mayor demote on death
-- People can buy small arms themselves without gun dealer
-- Added parkourist job
-- Increased gangster job sizes
-- Mayor Elections finally succcessfully set-up
-- MOTD Added (Thanks to Bluestar)
-- Normalized insane fast gemstone printer speeds
-- Removed /afk command

Known bugs:

Code: [Select]
You can't see the pistols in the weapons menu (just use /buy <weaponname> for now (for ex. /buy Desert Eagle))

Planned today: Donator system,moneypot  and finishing

-- Added MoneyPot
-- Added Guard Playermodels & Job (asked from suggestions)
-- Set the spinning text for all NPC's
-- Added Pointshop
-- Coded a NPC for Pointshop
-- Added lots of things for pointshop (mostly from ttt)
-- Installed my killsound addon to DarkRP and added it to pointshop
-- Donator & Donator+ playergroups added

-- Coded a damagelog for our lovely admins by a request
-- Changed car sell percentage from 10% to 75%

-- Donator cars added:
Code: [Select]
Extended Bus
Lamborghini Countach QV

-- Changed the ATM addon (since the last one was shit)


-- Removed ATM addon
-- Fixed ammo

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