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Server related news
« on: 12.01.2015 19:55:46 »
After latest DDOS attack my ISP told me to stop the server. Also said that I cannot host it on their connection any more. So I will try to find new ISP or server hosting place. For now the server will be down. If server will get up it will still have same domain (http://catgc.com) but will probably be on different IP.

Update: 23.12.2014 13:08
Server will be coming back in next few month.. Sit tight and wait. (IP will change 100%)

Update: 12.01.2015 19:55
(ISP i want to get does not exist in my house. But there are houses around me that have it.)
Contacted house management and asked them to contact new ISP. They promised to look into it.

Update: 25.01.2015 19:12
House management signed contract with new ISP. ISP said that they are busy at the moment and will do the thing when they have time. (So no idea how long will that be). But all in all good cause eventually i should get them here.

Update: 26:02:2015 1:56
Looked up information about new ISP. "After house management have signed contract it will take 1-3 month to set up and about 4 days to join" - Well lets hope this info is correct. (So its been 1 month, i guess 2 month to go ?).

Update 18.04.2015 15:26
Emailed new ISP, asked on date. They called me back and said that engineers do not work on weekends and that they will call me back on Monday.

Update 20.04.2015
New ISP called, said that there is no information today and that they will call me tomorrow when they get some more info.

Update 22.04.2015
RIP, new ISP wont be here until next year if not longer. Well lyf sux.

Update 07.05.2015
*Got DDoS protected VPN in France for a month. Ping seems to be kinda bad.
*In one month will switch to German VPN, it will have better ping but no ddos protection.
*When one day i will get new ISP i will get servers with best ping possible. (Estimated time 1year++)
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