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General / My games are broken.
« on: 01.12.2014 23:17:27 »
Everytime I start a game 3 bells starts and crashes with a high pitch sound

[Apply for CaTGC]
My in-game name: Daniel
My steamID: STEAM_0:1:42894319
My introduction: http://catgc.com/index.php?topic=677.0

I played on this server for a month now, and my current total playtime is 1 week and 1 hour.
I am on the server alot, and I have noticed there isn't alot of staff members cause some of them are demoted, and some of them are inactive.
I noticed that sometimes there is alot of people that breaks rules, for example mic spamming, griefing, etc. I usually try to votekick them, but there is sometimes alot of people afk or just people who is pressing No all the time.
Some months ago I was Super Admin on 3 servers 2 DarkRP servers, a jailbreak server (The DarkRP servers and the jailbreak server was in the same community) and for some weeks ago I was a trail mod on another server, but I resigned from that server.
I never been staff member on a Deathrun server before, but I know most of the commands.

Deathrun Suggestions / Remove the pirate chat please.
« on: 19.09.2014 19:50:07 »
Many find it annoying being forced to talk like a pirate.
Like Yeah changes into Aye, Right changes into starboard, left changes into port, and etc. Too many to list

Please remove it.

Edit: If you are going to remove it can you remove the censor too?

Introductions / Daniel's Introduction
« on: 26.08.2014 15:58:15 »
Hello, my name is Daniel, 
I love playing Garry's mod,
I came here cause of I resigned from t-mod on a darkRP server, cause of boredom.
I have been Super Admin on a popular darkRP server called wolfpackRP, which shutdown
I got invited by a friend called Brandon.

Nothing much to say about me, I am 15 years old and I live in Norway, and I love video games.

Intrested in my full introduction?
Well I have it on my steam profile.

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