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Author Topic: Sharelink v2  (Read 11236 times)

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Sharelink v2
« on: 31.05.2014 03:56:58 »
Since i was bored, i decided to make a program that would allow to send pictures quickly between two persons. Image would load in program and you don't even have to click the link.

(skin + first page)

(When in app)


1) Send images quickly without having to copy paste ! (Just click send)
2) Enable; Disable button
3) Send IMG (re sizes image to fit)
4) Send URL (Opens url without re size, still fits perfect)
5) Open url on partners browser (outside app) Load (open inside app)
6) Sound notification on image recive


1) Internet connection
2) Windows based pc
3) 1 person have to have open internet port


1) Only between 2 persons but feel free to open more instances with other friends (on other port that is)
2) Might crash (rarely)


If you have any requests tell about them there and if i can ill add it.
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Re: Sharelink v2
« Reply #1 on: 24.06.2014 00:37:07 »
I have some simmilar projects coded on my free time on C# like Chat or a half working updater, which can send all the files in selected folder to clients + update them (checksums does the job) the wrong part starts where files are bigger then some mbs (20mb+), but if you would like i can post some of these too.

Nice job btw.


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