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General / Re: Minecraft Server Mods Suggestions.
« on: 11.12.2016 03:37:22 »
I like it when there are no building restrictions in spawn and I also like not having any sort of teleportation on the server. It feels like more of a journey when you actually have to walk really far to get to a friend's house.

I mean yeah those are suggestions, But do you have any mod suggestions?

General / Minecraft Server Mods Suggestions.
« on: 10.12.2016 10:45:27 »
Yeah, you read that right.

A Minecraft server.

So me and Drag were talking about Minecraft and the subject came up of Pixelmon.
For you that do not know: Pixelmon is a Mod for minecraft that adds pokemon to the MC world.
A cool concept which in a world of infinite possibilities seems to fit.
None the less, we wanted a server to play on and of course, Blue are local Sexy cat bitch gave us 4gb's on the server.

So we got a basic list of mods (for 1.7.10) that we are getting.

4.Minecraft comes alive
5.Dragon Mounts

So what are your guys suggestions?
We need to keep the list short, because of ram restraints, So choose wisely.
I will add -at least- 5 more suggested mods. and then add as much as I can until I hit the ram Limit.

Stuff like what is Suggested here are proffered. (RP/exploration)

CS:GO General / Ace of a Silver~
« on: 20.07.2016 17:57:52 »

General / Re: A sad day in the history of catgc
« on: 23.05.2015 05:06:23 »
I hope wherever he is now, he is in a better place.
Rest in peace.

General / Re: Internet slow, is my computer doing it?
« on: 17.12.2014 23:02:59 »
Go on a tech forum, you fat idiot.

EDIT: Okay, I'm just kidding
Although I think you should have stayed at school.
K = kilo = 10^3
B = byte = 8 bits
b = bit = 1 bit
Kbps = Kilobits per second

50 KB capacity transfer = 400 Kbps (seeing it display 744 Kbps is fine, task manager updates with a delay).

Okay, and never the less. they don't teach that at school here.(We just got typing class in 11th grade before that we didn't even have a pc class. Not even a tech class. if that was the case I would of embraced school and stayed for that.) Remember this is 'Murica..
anyway.. yeah I see that now. I got confused. Just aggravated and tired.
Plus when I started to wonder about this the download failed at 90% and It fucking pissed me off.

Anyway thanks for not being to harsh.. I know how stupid the mistake was now.

General / Internet slow, is my computer doing it?
« on: 17.12.2014 22:40:49 »
I have NOTHING running except 1 download. (Need it for Video driver) And my internet is slower than usual, this peaked my interest and I go searching. Nothing else is running and this is what I see.

This download has been going on for a hour now..
so what's the deal?

is there something on my pc stealing Bandwidth?
I'm actually quite puzzled.
And I have Eset smart security, I'm not foolish and leave my pc unprotected.

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 19.11.2014 23:40:25 »

General / Re: Vote to keep or change the new banner
« on: 28.10.2014 15:04:22 »
I is sad because I hate white theme and only use gearbox...

General / Re: Asking for a little help.
« on: 24.10.2014 07:29:51 »
Thank you everyone for helping out, I really appreciate it.
the winners were announced and my name was not among them.

But still thank you all for helping me.
I really appreciate it!

Admins feel free to lock the topic~

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 08.10.2014 04:37:39 »
Also fuck me it's over 20 gig download. I only have 15 mbit here  :(

Got any suggestions to what class that is better for solo play atm?

All of them are Pretty balanced, so any of them are good for PvE.
But me and my friend both suggest if you are going mostly solo, go Necromancer or Mesmer.
I can say by personal experience that Mesmers are useful for taking on group battles.
As you will probably know why..

At this point in time I am level 42. and I can at max spawn 2 fighting illusions, 2 defense illusions and about 4-5 more illusions that I won't go into detail about. I can even Tank if needed. But again I won't get into that. I wish all who try it experience it for themselves.

Also, I barely get 6D/.60U
So I know dem feels.

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 06.10.2014 22:02:16 »
Kaede you know Archeage isnt P2P right, its more like pay for convenience as it only makes gives you

Double your Labor Point regeneration to 10/5 min!

Earn Labor Points (5/5 min) even while you’re offline.

Increase your maximum Labor Points to 5,000.

Get a 10% bonus to all Experience gained through questing, combat, and labor usage.

Get 5 Loyalty Tokens when you log in each day. Redeem them for special items at the in-game Loyalty Store!

Claim and own a piece of Erenor by placing farms and houses!

Get full access to listing and selling items on the Auction House.

It's all very usefull but it isnt needed.
But the payment gives you the whole experience of sandbox MMO and it is restricted for F2P players which makes it the ordinary MMO game.

Someone gets it.

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 06.10.2014 19:15:43 »
But it also could be cuz I use another CatGC.com layout



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