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General / Minecraft Server Mods Suggestions.
« on: 10.12.2016 10:45:27 »
Yeah, you read that right.

A Minecraft server.

So me and Drag were talking about Minecraft and the subject came up of Pixelmon.
For you that do not know: Pixelmon is a Mod for minecraft that adds pokemon to the MC world.
A cool concept which in a world of infinite possibilities seems to fit.
None the less, we wanted a server to play on and of course, Blue are local Sexy cat bitch gave us 4gb's on the server.

So we got a basic list of mods (for 1.7.10) that we are getting.

4.Minecraft comes alive
5.Dragon Mounts

So what are your guys suggestions?
We need to keep the list short, because of ram restraints, So choose wisely.
I will add -at least- 5 more suggested mods. and then add as much as I can until I hit the ram Limit.

Stuff like what is Suggested here are proffered. (RP/exploration)

CS:GO General / Ace of a Silver~
« on: 20.07.2016 17:57:52 »

General / Internet slow, is my computer doing it?
« on: 17.12.2014 22:40:49 »
I have NOTHING running except 1 download. (Need it for Video driver) And my internet is slower than usual, this peaked my interest and I go searching. Nothing else is running and this is what I see.

This download has been going on for a hour now..
so what's the deal?

is there something on my pc stealing Bandwidth?
I'm actually quite puzzled.
And I have Eset smart security, I'm not foolish and leave my pc unprotected.

General / Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 04.10.2014 08:18:44 »
So recently I got really into GW2, this game was gifted to me by one of my friends a few months ago and I finally have some time to play.

And.. Well it's awesome. I love it.
I really dislike most MMO's now of days since they are a grind and stale as year old bread.
But there is something really Different about GW2 that makes it worth playing.
So I am writing to ask if anyone who has the game want to join in the fun? Eventually make Dungeon parties.. and even have are own guild.
At the moment me and my friends are under the guild "Easy co [EASY]" it's my friends forum Guild.

But if Enough of OUR forum wants to try this wonderful game out. I personally will try to start are on Guild.

Guilds are really special in this game and have some nice perks.
So it would be nice having are Community name out there.
I don't expect y'all to join willy nilly but I suggest doing some research see if you'd like it.
Would love to see more people I know on there.

It's 50% off for one more day as well. So time to buy if you want to!

I am on Europe server in Gandara, Add me KaedeGames.5392
If you are already in the game you can just guest on this Server.


General / Asking for a little help.
« on: 25.09.2014 09:06:00 »
Hello people of the forums.
I come here today asking of your help, and hey maybe you might win something for it~

So recently My youtube partner just started a contest.
This contest is for 5 people to be chosen and given 1000 USD to spend in newegg.
Let me explain what I'd like from y'all.
This, is a referral link. http://splur.gy/r/Xm92Q/r/2R2ZdSd2nPL
This link gives me three more entries in the ballet. (if you join the contest)

Without getting to personal, The reason I need this is simple.
I work here on the interwebs, but my pc is getting slower and slower and is slowing down my process to my dream job.
I've spent the last 5 years trying to find jobs but to no avail.. without transportation or jobs available I have been stuck, but this is not to say I don't earn money, part of my dream job is already here. but it's not even close to finish and barely makes me enough to buy a bag of taffy a month.
But never the less I have been saving the little I make.

This Money if I do some how win it. will allow me to buy new and better PC parts which will also increase my earnings which then later will go into even more things I need.
Professional microphone
sound proofing foam.
ect, ect.

My overall dream is to become something like a entertainer, A singer and voice actor.
Eventually I will go back to school get my G.E.D and then move onto college.
I might of been dealt a bad hand in the game of life. but I plan to put my cards back, and reshuffle.
hopefully things will be better.

But I must add...
I'm not wanting pity..
I just want your help.

General / Positivity thread!
« on: 09.09.2014 21:55:02 »
Post your positive story each week.
Tell people what made you happy :D

DarkRP General / Furnishing the Dark... RP
« on: 18.06.2014 18:49:31 »
Anyone can post there own furnished homes here on this topic!
Show your creativity!

Possible Maps.
This list was compiled out of 20+ maps I personally looked through.

This all Depends on if sim chooses to change the map so do not give your hopes up.
And DO NOT spam him, it could result in a ban.

(Personal favorite)
#1. RP_downtown_evilmelon
Great for cars (and somewhat boats!) So in total I'd say a 9.5/10
Here is from the description.

Features of the map:

- New jail within the Police Station
- Mayor office (1st floor in PD)
- Mayor bunker (lift from mayor office)
- Security cameras & monitor on mayors office
- Canal
- Plaza
- Rising bridge (automatically or manually controlled from mayors office)
- Shop Shutters (covers over windows & doors)
- Shop alarms (switch off automatically after a short period of time)
- Bank & vault
- Forest area with a shack + shed
- Improved apartment buildings
- Hospital
- Traffic lights
- Texture changes (roads etc)
- Working train
- Abandoned radiated subway tunnel

Plus much more!

Removed do to glitches causing server to crash.

#3.Freeman City RP
Good map perfect for cars.
Lots and LOTS of buildings (that can be entered)
Built-in transit system.
Overall a 7/10

Good map... but has a lot of flaws..
The good and the bad equal out this map well though.
Overall a 6.5/10
Here's some things from the description.

Openworld map with large skybox
19 enterable buildings(Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, Bar, Restaurant, Fastfood,
Library with Apartment, Cinema, 3 Suburban Houses, Supermarket, Office, Pc Store with Apartment,
Tankstation, Bank, Small Trainstation, Cardealer, Clothes Shop with Apartment,
large forest
Npc nodes
cubemaps (not working atm)

AMAZING for DarkRP, but at the cost that vehicles have no use...
just look at the map yourself. I cannot explain it.
Overall a 8.0/10 Do to Small area and useless for Vehicles.

Kinda bad for vehicles but is okay.
Overall 7.5/10

The map features :

- Quite high skybox. Allowing for roof climbing and even helicopter flying!
- Lots of buildings and rooms, aswell as a small neighbourhood.
- Big underground system and a part with a more "horror" type feeling.
- A window respawn system to prevent windows from being broken forever.
- Custom sounds and soundscapes.
- A seamless brushworked 3d skybox.
- An easter egg.

DarkRP Suggestions / New Map For darkRP?
« on: 17.06.2014 18:40:34 »
I will make a poll, but why not respond with a map you'd like for DarkRP.

The reason I am making this is because I feel the map we are using is OVERUSED and bland.
So that's why I suggest you all who vote "Yes" on the poll suggest a new map to help Sim out if he decides to make changes.

Tonight I will start to download maps for testing, I say this because it seems people want change.
So I will personally look into a new map.

This is just in case Sim decides to change it. So we will already have a map or maps for possible debate.

Introductions / Hello, My name is KaedeGames
« on: 02.05.2014 21:40:16 »

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