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Silly and useless topics! / I'm quitting this community
« on: 15.01.2017 01:37:54 »
I can't stand all the drama lately. The people here are fucking toxic, and most of all, dishonest. They are literally all liars. If we are telling only the truth, my statement (1) will tell us that we are all the liars, so I am a liar too. So we are all not the liars (2). So we are the liars, etc. This is an endless loop.

General / What is pansexual?
« on: 01.01.2017 23:20:07 »

General / The Steam Awards
« on: 23.11.2016 22:05:31 »
Post what games you nominated and complain about other people's bad tastes! (holy shit could this be the first topic i've ever made that is not silly and useless?)

The “Test of Time” Award: Terraria
The “I'm Not Crying, There's Something In My Eye” Award: To the Moon
The “Just 5 More Minutes” Award: Rocket League
The “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!” Award: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
The “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” Award: Undertale
The “Game Within A Game” Award: Day of the Tentacle Remastered (This is the sequel to Maniac Mansion and it has the entirety of the first game on an arcade machine within this game.)
The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award: Papers, Please (Furi also would have been a possibility because nobody in my friends list has that fuckin game)
The “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award: Worms: Armageddon (Self explanatory)
The “Most new friends found” Award: Garry's Mod

Silly and useless topics! / Hate Thread
« on: 20.10.2016 23:03:27 »
So hate is not allowed in this community and this is understandable but psychological experts have found out that if you keep your hate inside of you, you have an increased chance of dying someday.

List reasons why you are better than everyone else in this community! (This is a good self-confidence-booster!)

  • Friends IRL
  • I get drunk sometimes, outside of my apartment
  • No social anxiety
  • A stranger talked to me in the gym today and I didn't feel my heart drop

Silly and useless topics! / ;D
« on: 21.07.2016 01:03:50 »

Silly and useless topics! / Minecraft Jokes
« on: 29.05.2016 15:51:47 »

hey guys

after seeing this book


full of minecraft jokes, i decided that i want to make a thread with more jokes about this awesome game Minecraft. (by notch)


What do you call a Creeper that creeps up on a player?
Sneaky sneaky boop blip bazinga!!

What did the Zombie say to the other Zombie?

What do you call the player who played Minecraft a lot?

What is the difference between Minecraft and Terraria?
Minecraft has a better is game

How many times can u jump into a pool of lava?
Once cuz then you die although technically in real life it would already be dangerous to go near one due to convection

Did you hear that creeper??
Ye me neither! xD

What's a Minecraft player's favorite anime OP?

What is a minecraft modders fetish?

What sucks as hard as a sucker sucks on a suckday?

Why do Endermen not give birth to babies?
They do not have Endervaginas.

What do you call a Minecraft villager who has to go to court to tell everyone what he witnessed?
nevermind this joke isn't going anywhere

What do you call a girl who sent naked pics to the wrong guy?
Stavik's sister, whatever her fucking name was

How do you know the girl you met in multiplayer is actually a girl?
If it looks like she has a trail of redstone behind her xD

What do you call the ending of a movie that really drags on?

What can't you say at the dinner table?
Damn it all to The Nether!

Silly and useless topics! / Memes
« on: 16.02.2016 04:35:31 »
What's is you're favourite meme? I can not decide they are all great to me. ^^"

Hello. My name is Watsuder and I will now outline my reasons as to why Noomie does not deserve her rank. Read this carefully, since I know most of you don't have reading comprehension anyway.

Today, I had a talk with Noomie. It does not matter what it was about, but fact is: She is fucking racist.

Now, I know what you are going to ask: "Is racism bad or something?"

Yeah, it is! It's bad because I once saw on TV that someone said racism is bad and it probably is because I saw a guy calling a few black peoples "nigger" and they all beat him up like the baboons they are.

Here is proof of Noomie's wrongdoings:

So. I ask just one thing of you:

  • Remove Noomie from admin list
  • Install a new system of admins where there are no glorified ranks that make kids jealous of each other.

Right now, Noomie is the only thing between our community and peace, which is what all true TTT players strive for. If you ever play TTT and you see a guy place a C4, just yell "Here's the Traitor, Detective" and if the Traitor asks for mercy they will have to scrub

is impoerant

Silly and useless topics! / Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
« on: 26.03.2015 02:35:07 »

Are you fucking hyped or what?! It's coming out in three weeks.

Let's discuss this comedy goldmine. I'd also love some fanart!!!!

When I saw the first one, I was 13 years old. Kevin James was my god and I was looking forward to watch this movie with my friends. When the day finally came, I couldn't take it anymore. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Silly and useless topics! / Funny/thought-provoking comics
« on: 28.02.2015 15:23:05 »
Post some funny or thought-provoking comics you just happened to find.

Here's one:

The person who made this is delusional if they think that anybody actually talks or thinks like that. Also, is that game cover white and gold or is it black and blue?

EDIT: And why would anyone invite two guys over to play a single player game in Japanese? This is terrible. Why did I even make this topic?

Silly and useless topics! / Wind
« on: 25.01.2015 02:48:46 »
Okay, so here's the problem. I am just sittin' here, minding my own business, when suddenly...

Wait, let me just recap what happened today.

I got up at like 1 p.m. since I have nothing to do and I have a liberal mind that goes to sleep and wakes up whenever it damn pleases. It is strong and independent. Do you even spell independent like that? Anyway, I woke up, ate some stuff and then played Hotline Miami and got the last few achievements I was missing. The last achievement I got was called Sewer Alligator and I swear I had already gotten that one two days ago but whatever. Must have been a glitch. Steam does that sometimes.

So then I studied for some law exam I have in March and then it happened.

I took a shower, and after taking said shower, stepped out of it and put on a bathrobe.

Then I played TF2 for a few hours, when ALL OF A SUDDEN

I start writing this post and try to think of a funny way to end it while writing it, but I can't really come up with anything so I'll just say dickbag fuckerschnitzel

Silly and useless topics! / Watsuder
« on: 18.12.2014 01:39:55 »
I changed my name to John Wilkes Booth when Lincoln joined the server because I thought it was funny if I shot him but then I was banned? I don't see how it was offensive in any way.

I dont know my Steam ID but I think Noomie has it. 


(That's me)

So do you want this banner or are you a fucking racist

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