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If you fail to follow the guidelines you will be denied without ever receiving a personal interview.

-   You need to agree to, and understand our punishment guidelines.
-   You need to have 3 days of play time on the server that you are applying for.
-   If the server you are applying for has a Trusted rank you need to be part of that.
-   Write what server you want to apply for in the title.
-   Write down your Steam ID in either the start or end of your application.
-   Link your introduction in either the start or end of your application.
-   Have a low amount of active warnings.
-   Use proper grammar, communication is important.

! By writing an application you agree to the fact that you may be demoted at any time.
! By writing an application you agree to being contacted on steam by either Stavik or Noomie.

*These Guidelines may change at any time.

Inactivity: When you have not been seen on the server for 1 week as a staff member, a warning will be given, and asked why you have been inactive.

If you have a reason to be inactive for a week or longer, then make sure to post it here (only staff can see this)

General / CS:GO - Need help
« on: 12.11.2014 19:19:56 »

So as you can see, I can't play CS:GO because for some reason VAC started doing this right after the Vanguard thing came out and I downloaded it. Anyone got any ideas on what to do?

CS:GO General / 1337 team strikes again
« on: 29.09.2014 18:50:38 »

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