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General / Re: Stavik does not have balls, lets remove him!
« on: 06.07.2015 16:20:09 »
Why does noone like the dot

The worst enemy in LoL is your own team.

TTT Suggestions / Re: Raising the cost of T rounds
« on: 22.06.2015 18:49:35 »
Give me a example of T weapones that waste time

TTT Suggestions / Re: Raising the cost of T rounds
« on: 22.06.2015 17:45:23 »
I don't know about you, but I haven't noticed there suddenly being too many ts or same people always being ts so much.

It might seem weird, but that does happen. Some people buy like 15 T rounds in a row but then complain when they get RDM'd the tenth time around. It's still RDM, albeit just "random" in a very wide sense of the word.

Dear Real Deal,
You want too much.

One of the people whom I've noticed buying T rounds so much is this shitposter.

I'd say make it a hundred points or so, to make it more of a "I wonder who the T is this round! Trust nobody!", instead of a "Oh, Nieksas is here so he's 90% sure to be a T".

And Ekko, by new equipment you mean the grappling hook?  ;)

We once had this discussion. Grappling hook would just lead to abuse and delaying rounds. Eventho it is a lot of fun!

Stop drowning pls.

TTT General / Re: Need help with TTT
« on: 10.06.2015 23:31:05 »
Since I have no life just message me and I probably will come if I am not in a Cs Go match.

CS:S General / Re: Today I became a good player
« on: 09.05.2015 19:40:15 »
ban him

General / Re: Testing time guys !
« on: 07.05.2015 17:05:39 »
Bugs sofar

Commands do not want to work (bhop, scoreboard colors), cant vote maps

Outdated, timer issues


Add to TTT: Silenced Sniper ammo refills when you drop it with 1 bullet left and pick it up again

General / Re: Testing time guys !
« on: 07.05.2015 14:29:06 »
Yay Germany <3

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 15.04.2015 23:21:02 »
I hate more or less everyone.

Why hate me? I am a qt turtleeee!

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 15.04.2015 22:06:05 »
It is the way school system works. And it is the truth ,so are my teacher saying. Some of the stuff we learn at school is so dumb and useless but we still learn it because the state wants it so.

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 15.04.2015 21:50:06 »
school is soooooooooo dumb xDDDDDDd             

waht do i even need all this knoledge for i mean seirously hahahahaaa getting to now people so useless only in schoolz haha

80% of the stuff you learn at school you forget later because you never ever need them.

General / Re: GTA 5 General
« on: 15.04.2015 15:14:14 »
hows the port? not sure if i'll get it until some trustworthy reviewers make a video on it

Runs better than gta 4. Is actually quite fun.
PS. i hate all gta's except 5.

How dare you hating San Andreas

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 13.04.2015 22:25:31 »
Shut up, slutshitter.
How the hell does one shit sluts?!

You have to wide your anus a LOT

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Welp
« on: 03.04.2015 00:31:36 »
it depens on in what country you are in watsuda

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