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Title: Punishment Guidelines
Post by: Naomie Smalls on 18.08.2014 21:11:33
Here are the punishment guidelines that now will be used for Murder.

Mic/chat spamming players
All mutes/gags are effective for one round, so remember to ungag/unmute them after the round is over.
If tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics do not stop after the first mute/gag you warn them and mute/gag them again.
RDM'ing players
Punishment for RDM'ing players based on the amount of RDM's:
1 RDM: Warn + Slay
2 RDM: Warn + Ban (1 hour)
3 RDM: Warn + Ban (1 day)
4 RDM: Warn + Ban (5 days)
5 RDM: Warn + Ban (2 weeks)
6 RDM: Warn + Ban (1 month)
Ghosting players
Ghosting will result in a very long ban. All the players who are involved should be punished.
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