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TF2 Trading / Re: Auction
« on: 06.02.2017 11:33:32 »
idk if the site exist enymore but i used to get rid off my tf2 items trough tf2outpost you might wanna check it out realy ez to use hope u find a buyer soon

still here and i also will be so yea but nowdays i got a job and stuff so i will only be active afther 6pm on weekdays so sorry about that but ye love for you peace people

Introductions / Nico's Wierd thing idk intreduction shi*t
« on: 16.06.2015 20:27:10 »
Hey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics my name is Nico and im from finland im 16 years old and i like to moan and scream;)) i play alot of csgo bc games well i have 1w 1d 02h play time on CaT and i realy love the ttt server bc people in there idk if this was proper introduction Sh*t but hit me up for nu*des

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