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Complaints / Re: Complaint about atlasben admin abusing
« on: 03.06.2017 11:44:27 »
So you're pissed, and because of that you're relasing your anger on other players?

Complaints / Complaint about atlasben admin abusing
« on: 02.06.2017 16:10:23 »
My in-game name is: Fusaz
[The player that I'm complaining about: atlasben
The rule(s) that the player has broken: Admin abusing
The incident occurred on (month, day and possibly the hours):2.June 15:50 GMT+2
The server in which the incident occurred:TF2 Achievement Idle [1]
Explanation of what happened: So i spawned, and this guy was abusing his rights as admin. He was flying in our spawn with noclip and also having toxic on. So because he had toxic on then we couldn't do anything. He was basically spawnkilling. After I managed to kill him, he wanted his revenge and tried to kill me with homing projectiles. I managed to kill him again and the he kicked me and the reason was "One out". Well, I was okay then, joined back to the game and killed him once again and then banned me for "Two out". After that I am not able to rejoin the server. I feel like people like him should not get the rights for such power like admin has. It is really unfair other people what he does. People like him are killing TF2.
My collected evidence (screenshots, screenshots of logs or videos etc.): https://prnt.sc/ff2g2a
There isn't any chat log of it cause, we didn't say a word. Also the kill log wouldn't help either.

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