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General / Gamez.
« on: 20.03.2015 20:50:10 »
I dont want to be a dick or anything, but i got some money and i want to buy a new game. What are your favorite games and what do you suggest me to buy?

Is killing floor worth 5 euros, because i read some really good reviews.

General / Smite
« on: 03.11.2014 17:00:42 »
Do any of you play smite and if you do whats your in-game name? Mine is DerpyDirtBlock.

General / Logo
« on: 21.09.2014 20:56:41 »
I'm looking for someone who is good with Paint or Photoshop (Whatever floats your boat) to make me a logo with my name-Explod1ngCake on it,if interested pm me.We can talk about prices'n'stuff later. 8)

Silly and useless topics! / Kawaii
« on: 13.09.2014 10:22:44 »
Post pics of your pets here.

My dog is so kawaii ^^

Silly and useless topics! / When i saw this xD
« on: 08.09.2014 19:07:39 »

Introductions / Yoohoo! Im hia (Cake)
« on: 08.09.2014 16:27:49 »
So yeah,a little late for an introduction but here it is.My name's tomass a.k.a. Explod1ngCake and i'm 13 years old and live Latvia.Im an active player who has a lot of free time and is willing to play with anyone (If asked nicely).I spend most of my time on gmod,but then i bought CS:GO and now its a game that i play daily too.Im not shy at all and im helpful.I started playing on CaT because a friend of mine invited me to play TTT once so i started playing.Now i have almost 4 days of total TTT playtime,2h on deathrun and 40 min on murder :3.Also i try to make funny jokes,but unfortunately i do not succeed.You will see me a lot so get used to me ;).Thats about it,bye.

CS:GO General / Game nights
« on: 08.09.2014 00:01:09 »
So I have this idea that we have CS:GO game night.Every Saturday approximately at 20:00 people who have CS go get together and play competetive in teams.The teams will be balanced for various skill levels so no,I dunno  2 gold Novas get in 1 team.We could get on ts too.So people what do you think about this idea?

Silly and useless topics! / Lonely
« on: 07.09.2014 23:52:59 »
I'm sitting and am bored to death,plz talk to me  :(

Silly and useless topics! / Bushman
« on: 27.08.2014 19:43:28 »
Bushman told me to do this...

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