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Sadly i dont have any evidince but i might think a headadmin on somebody could check the chat logs and damage logs of ttt_skyscraper that was on today at 17.00-18.00 this map was playing on those times about

TTT Complaints / Unban appeals / SuperSau being useless
« on: 11.12.2014 18:50:32 »
He dont ban he dont warn he dont kick rdmers. He just be sittin on his ass thinking of ducks and shit.
He let Kristel_Ambereye just shoot pepole randomly and kill me you understand kill ME. He said im not going to warn cause of just one report and Kristel just didint get slayd or band

Hey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics im Doge my Real name is Bert.Im a gamer.I live in Estonia.All my english grades are 5 so my english is good.But i sometimes still like to talk like a retarded low life shit.I really appreciate these Non Rdm servers with good staff like Cat.Im a regular.Played on this for almost five days now.DID I MENTION IM PSYCOPATHIC

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