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General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 07.10.2014 12:32:42 »
Also fuck me it's over 20 gig download. I only have 15 mbit here  :(

Got any suggestions to what class that is better for solo play atm?

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 07.10.2014 11:03:35 »
Kaede you know Archeage isnt P2P right, its more like pay for convenience as it only makes gives you

Double your Labor Point regeneration to 10/5 min!

Earn Labor Points (5/5 min) even while you’re offline.

Increase your maximum Labor Points to 5,000.

Get a 10% bonus to all Experience gained through questing, combat, and labor usage.

Get 5 Loyalty Tokens when you log in each day. Redeem them for special items at the in-game Loyalty Store!

Claim and own a piece of Erenor by placing farms and houses!

Get full access to listing and selling items on the Auction House.

It's all very usefull but it isnt needed.
But the payment gives you the whole experience of sandbox MMO and it is restricted for F2P players which makes it the ordinary MMO game.
It's not a P2P per say, more of a P2W. Micro transactions are a million (if not billion) dollar (euro) industry, where monthly subscriptions are traded for micro transactions, some keep both. People spend more money on micro transactions than if the game only had monthly subscription fees. It's all in the numbers, look at Steam's trading card/items, tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics take 2(?) percent of each sale made, and if you have tried to buy items/cards you notice that tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics sell within minutes if not seconds if you have the cheapest one. It is like the frog in the boiling water, low fees in the end make up for more than the big one.

I don't mind a monthly subscription as long as the content, balancing and the game develops (like the MMO winer WoW).

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 06.10.2014 17:43:12 »
I was very very into GW1, I used to farm the other side of the bridge Charr or whatever tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics were before you "ascended", and  after ascension I farmed a lot before tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics introduced anti farming zones, but it was the entire game for me. Did not PvP much or do group quests, was mostly alone lol. Had a few friends, but we farmed the same thing but separately.
But it was fun!

I did not get a CD key or a confirmation mail from them yet though, been 5 hours so sent them a mail.

General / Re: Guild Wars 2, Anyone wanting to play?
« on: 06.10.2014 11:41:05 »
How is it compared to the first game?
Can you solo farm content with a specific class or do you need an entire group of 5 people to actually do end game?

I've ordered it and we'll see!


Holy shit let's do it

What if we started a fire sale?

Such rhetorical sarcasm!

General / Re: Favorite anime and/or manga
« on: 30.09.2014 11:36:12 »
1. Naruto
2. Death Note
3. School Rumble
4. GTO (old but good)
5. Fate Stay Night + Fate/zero
6. Major
7. One Outs
8. Kuro no Basuke
9. Haikyuu
10. Hagane no Renkinjutsu
11. Gintama
12. Code Geass
13. Hajime no Ippo
14. Full Metal Alchemist
15. Bakuman
16. Full metal Panic
17. Samurai Champloo

Numbers are random, loads of others to list as well!

As long as ranks can be given and taken I am happy, people need to be put in their place.

When I was moderator we enforced the rules for people to make proper RDM reports.
We had constant reports of "RDM" without any explanation and the replies was "Haha no!"
I think it was made a rule as well, but it's not enforced anymore.
Take kids by the neck and set the straight.

People playing and using the RDM report system (That are trusted) should at least be able to write a proper report and be calm about it. It is much easier to not make admins biased if you write a proper report, example;
1. "Watsuda came into the room, saw me standing there by a C4 that I had defused but shot me before he realized I had defused it"

Now the second one doesn't really trigger my empathy.
Punishments are based on both reports and response.

1. "I am sorry, I came into the room and thought you placed that C4 and shot you before I realized"
1:1 Works fine, any combination of number 2 would make me want to kick that person using it, it is hard to not be biased when the people are illiterate and angry in reports. Of course tHey, let's have a nice and calm discussion about religion and politics are mad, but for a third part (the staff) to judge you should be calm and decent in your language so that it happens correctly.

I am going to make a complaint about the mentality (and IQ?) of your average Trusted person playing TTT. Multiple times have I acted as I used to do, based on evidence and facts to deal with a situation.
A few times the reports I have been getting to me were all trash talk and grief from little kids.
I kill him and he reports me like this.

This is one of them.

I will explain the situation clearly here because he left in anger before I could explain it to him in detail about the situation I reacted to.

Originaldoge was "shooting" at his traitor buddy who just killed an inocent, he did not kill this traitor buddy, stopped shooting, reloaded and walked away like nothing had happened. No call outs, no vocal "THAT GUY IS A TRAITOR" he had been very vocal the entire round. Fact 1
I shoot him, I see the damage from my weapon is reduced (body armor). Fact 2
He calls out "I am being RDMed (before he knew it was me, could it not have been a traitor?) Fact 3

I originally responded to the rdm report that he killed the guy and did not intend to check his body, but that was the other guy I killed that did not report me, which is why I left out that part.

Now back on topic, the RDM reports I get at me are fulled of verbal abuse from minor children and I think it needs to be addressed properly. All these leet yolo fuck you kids running around being a "Trusted" rank but gives the server a very unplayable atmosphere.

"You shit fuck that was RDM" "Fuck you that was RDM" "You had no proof you retard" And some as simple as "FUCK YOU RDM"

These come from people who actually have trusted on the server, which kinda bums me out from actually coming back to play.

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