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I'm pretty sure there is a section for complaints.

General / Re: What do you listen to?
« on: 05.09.2014 21:46:18 »
I know I've been pretty much spamming this topic with my nationalistic shit but here's the english versions of "Carolus Rex" and "Gott Mit Uns"


General / Re: Desktop
« on: 05.09.2014 00:56:28 »

General / Re: What do you listen to?
« on: 29.08.2014 18:36:00 »

Silly and useless topics! / Re: osu!
« on: 29.08.2014 18:03:31 »
what game are you guys talkin' about?
Dunno if troll or just retarded...

Introductions / Re: WiewManger's introduction
« on: 25.08.2014 19:59:03 »
Worse internet EVER!!!
I want to go to the CITY

Well small country + I am not rich..

I'm not rich either.

Introductions / Re: WiewManger's introduction
« on: 25.08.2014 19:03:13 »
I forgot to add that I LOVE anime

I love you. Welcome. Which animes do you like the most :-[

Well I think all of them are good. But I love AoT and SAO. SAO 2 is worse :(
My Little Horse
Well my sister loves horses
I am also not a city boy.

A real country boy
The city>The country side.
Worse internet EVER!!!
I want to go to the CITY

I don't live in the city yet I have the best internet.

Uh what's with the poll?

General / Re: Have anyone seen this man?
« on: 21.08.2014 16:53:04 »
Someone want my sausage?

You sure? It's a limited offer.

I got enough sausages.
um... good for you? :-\

I ate them today  :-[

Did you eat my sausage?  >:(
haha, poor you, she never ate my sausage.  8)
You don't have any sausage, you silly Stavik.
Why would I, Viktoria have a sausage, also neither do you bush.  :-*
You want pics? Because that is how you get pics.

The quote pyramid is real.

Edit: Why am I grey? I want my purple back.

Edit2: Thank you Diiv <3

General / Re: World map!
« on: 18.08.2014 20:51:48 »

What happened to north and south america Stavik?

General / Re: World map!
« on: 18.08.2014 15:10:33 »

again pointing out the obvious, I missunderstood what you first said I guess. I've had years to think about this and you don't think I already knew that? it also depends on what branch of the military you're in.

Military is hard, you life in a bad condition,bad food, every day hard training, you can't really create a real family, Chance to die is pretty high if you compare it to other jobs.

So if you have the choice. Don't go there.
Go to the police.
It is better paid (depends where you work).
And the chance of getting injured is a lot lower.

I know, that is my plan, the military is one of my backup choices and BTW how do you know exactly how the swedish military is?
I am pretty sure they are not lazy asses

and that proves that they have bad food and bad life conditions? hard training is obvious.

BTW you gotta work on your quotes.

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