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General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 22:50:02 »
@Другарю Рийл_Дийл

Both of those mice do not have "finger holder" on the right side. Its kinda a deal breaker for me.
Also i kinda do not like Razer build quality nowadays.

General / Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 20:58:00 »
Guys help me find a decent mouse that would fit me...

I have had:
Razer Krait - Uncomfy
Steelseries Ikari - Comfy i did not like it
Corsair M65 - Uncomfy
Func MS-3 R2 - Amazing mouse, but company got sold to Fanatic and stopped producing that mouse...

I use palm grip and need something big so my pinky finger would also be on mouse and not touch mousepad.

Was looking into:
Speedlink mouse Decus Limited Edition

But maybe someone is smart enough to recommend me something better...

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 18.08.2016 08:36:06 »
Just came with an idea!
 Let's make a guild in the upcoming expansion of WoW - "Legion"

So host WoW private server ?

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 17.08.2016 14:59:03 »
There is no server browser for Terraria, so it will more or less be only our community. I could host it but i don't see it getting many people.

General / Servers we should host
« on: 17.08.2016 14:01:50 »
Guys hosting some of the servers become useless (I know its been useless for some times now). What should I host instead tho ? If I were to take down Cinema and Murder servers i could host 2 Source game servers or maybe something completely else. Sadly i don't have much time to work and keep eye on servers lately. I can host nearly anything.

Things i would not want to host:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - Game is so outdated that setting up mods for it is more than just pain
Garry's Mod - Requires a lot of server managing, updates break stuff, is much less popular lately
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Servers run like crap on windows and setting em up is death of me
Minecraft - Last time i had actuall server it ended up having over 500 people banned cause of griefing and 1 active player
Rust - Was empty for the longest, even if our community plays there it eventually dies off, tried hosting 3 times.
Dayz - do not own the game

Preferably some more popular game so servers wont sit as empty as gmod servers right now

Silly and useless topics! / Re: rip steam gambling :(
« on: 14.07.2016 18:30:37 »
I have never gambled, well i did bet twice with 1$ skin in csgolounge.

TTT General / Re: Is the server dead?
« on: 27.04.2016 02:15:12 »
Well forums are still alive, even if people don't type they still check here. Servers, well i still have em open if anyone feels like playing there but indeed they are kinda dead.

Development log / Get latest Cube Hopper version
« on: 03.04.2016 06:05:39 »
Download link for launcher : http://data.catgc.com/1337CubeHopper1337/launcher.exe

//Ultra outdated. Contact me if you are interested in trying it out Cube Hopper, i can provide steam key.

Introductions / Re: MinexSoftDows' Introduction
« on: 24.03.2016 02:26:04 »
Welcome !

GGWP loading this thread is lagging my browser. Also nice "music" Owen.  :no:

Deathrun General / Re: Mario World is bugged
« on: 05.03.2016 14:20:15 »
It happens when server looses connection with database.

Introductions / Re: eRoxx Introduction
« on: 04.02.2016 18:55:54 »
Whats ur fav hero? If it's any of the meta shits I'll murder you. ))))
There goes your 420 mark.

News / Garry joined our deathrun server !
« on: 03.01.2016 01:59:04 »

Our server is now blessed.

Everything is anonymous, just vote.

General / Re: Star Wars Battlefront Beta
« on: 13.10.2015 18:57:56 »
Stopped bothering before I got it. Never was much of a star wars fan to begin with.

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