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Here is a small instruction, how to check it.
  • if you want to know it, look for http://catgc.com/index.php
  • if servers are offline, ask Bluestar or anyone, who knows him (through Steam, of course)
  • if you played on server and it just closed down, but in 5 min (on http://catgc.com/index.php) server is still online, it was cause of vpn (sometimes happens) - soon you can visit again your favourite server
  • if you want to know, "Are CaTGC and its servers opened now?" - look at first point
Or how I met Bluestar :-\

General / Re: A sad day in the history of catgc
« on: 23.05.2015 14:52:11 »
I didn't know him much... but I can't add anything except this song:

Nickelback If Today Was Your Last Day

Rest in peace,
Stian Finanger Thorvaldsen, or as we knew him best, Adolf Hipster.

General / Re: Testing time guys !
« on: 08.05.2015 23:10:15 »
When i open !menu (on deathrun, maybe it's same with other motd's in gmod) and open maps, nothing appears! And how i will then choose some certain maps?

... Can I skip this question?  ::)
... Can i skip this too? No? So, maybe, fine nickname?  :-\

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Connection ?
« on: 16.03.2015 23:40:49 »
I don't see anything extra strange.

On the left side of window (preview of graphic) if shows MAX 500 Mbps (look at line of 300 Mbps)

Or i didn't understand something here? ???

Maybe, i'm too bad thinking for this..?

CS:GO General / Re: Best CSGO match?
« on: 25.02.2015 00:29:34 »
that one time when we kicked diivze

Kek, i made that vote.

You thought he used cheats? Or he was too lucky? :D

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Spam Fest
« on: 28.01.2015 21:32:12 »
+100500 :|

Or less. Or more. I don't care how much i look for any news on this website.

General / Re: GTA 5
« on: 21.01.2015 19:30:38 »
People still care about this game?

I still play tetris time to time :D:

U are not alone :D But i sometimes play also classic snake :D

General / Re: Music Site
« on: 12.01.2015 23:58:23 »

Classic and Trending Music Storage (CaTMS) XD

Thats all :D

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