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Complaints / Re: Atlasben admin abuse
« on: 02.07.2017 02:46:06 »
Sorry, but i haven't forgotten about you being a dick the whole time i was on the server, and while i was VIP.

So yeah, you were a dick to me - now it's my turn to be a dick to you.

If you are actively killing the server by abusing powers maybe you are the asshole and not the other players on the server. Even if everyone is against you there must be a reason, maybe it is time to reflect on what you are doing wrong and change your attitude. Also if you go on a power trip because someone trashtalk or kill you a few times then maybe online games aren't for you buddy. There is other people around who might not enjoy it as much as you do.

(TEAM) atlasben :  sweeney, i will put you back to normal if you promise to not do that glitch. i will get an admin in a bit and i will kill/kick
(TEAM) atlasben :  whoever is doing that

22:27 - Black: atlasben :  this asshole will get banned
Black :  who
atlasben :  erathia/porr/russian name - they're all the same asshole

00:03 - Sweeney Todd: Dude
00:03 - Sweeney Todd: Be proud of me xd
00:03 - Sweeney Todd: Atlas banned me because I killed him and dominated :D
00:03 - Sweeney Todd: Lol
00:03 - Sweeney Todd: Called me bitch and banned xd

17:41 - Hjue!: atlas says he had other reason as well
17:41 - Hjue!: but he says hes not willing to tell anyone cause he has his "human rights"
17:41 - Hjue!: woopy doo
17:46 - Hjue!: id like to hear your friends side of the sroty
17:47 - Hjue!: story*

atlasben: i payed blue 600$ for the server, and i want to have fun in it, not get pissed
Hjue!: u are making everyone else pissed
atlasben: really?
atlasben: ask

There isn't a whole lot of context but I'll have to agree with Thorr here, Atlasben seems very juvenile. If you punish someone you should give a reason. You can be quiet but that just makes you come off as a bigger asshole. Also, by the evidence in this thread I really understand why you would need to pay for admin powers.

Lastly, I highly suggest Bluestar demote him. Even if he gave you a $600 knife dude the server will be dead should this shit continue.

General / Re: My experience with Jacuzzi
« on: 16.10.2016 21:23:02 »
Almost as intriguing as the puppey drama

But it'll never be as juicy

General / Re: Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse
« on: 20.09.2016 21:22:39 »
From what you said you found comfy Logitech G402 looks similar and their sensors are amazing. Could look at G303 if you want something more minimalistic.

I use G303.

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Paralympic games
« on: 07.09.2016 17:23:25 »
I love you noomie

aw how sweet i love you too  :clap:

Stop fabricating lies you commie!

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Paralympic games
« on: 07.09.2016 11:58:07 »
But if I wanted to watch retarded kids I can just look at this forum once in awhile. /s

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Labor day
« on: 05.09.2016 18:57:40 »
USA is retarded. It's 1st of may you fools.

Also fuck the commies.

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 20.08.2016 01:18:31 »
Gift Arma 3 to Noomie and then everyone in the community will follow and buy it.

While probably true I doubt she would enjoy the game let alone play it

General / Re: Servers we should host
« on: 20.08.2016 00:21:10 »
Im legit the only one here that would want a fucking Arma 3 server? Just for weekends... But it requires a lot of setup and actually people with a brain. 

I'd like an Arma 3 server too but it's only you, Isac and me who plays the game here I think.


Silly and useless topics! / Re: rip steam gambling :(
« on: 19.07.2016 22:58:51 »
phantoml0rd has been caught for false advertising himself, being part owner of the website csgoshuffle. So RIP him

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

yes it does. keemstar is amazing tho, he gets right into the news

If only it was straight into the noose..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YdExVnVdJI :D

Lmao you watch DramaAlert, nothing else to see here folk, shut it down.

I should remove this topic for spreading cancer but then I'd have to purge a lot in this forum Xd

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