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Ah nice they took credit for what happens when you release a game to a fuckton of people who are eagerly waiting to play your game.

"you gais it was totally me who did le DDoS attack on EA at the launch of BF3, that's why they went down for like a WHOLE day haha Xd"

They totally don't have a network team who can stop or mitigate it under an hour or two.

Silly and useless topics! / Re: rip steam gambling :(
« on: 16.07.2016 14:33:57 »
If people stop playing cs:go because they are not able to bet they are retarded af. It's not a fokin casino is it? The only reason I could see cs:go dying is the increasing amount of Russians that seem to want to ruin/troll the games more and more often.

EDIT: actually now that I think about it Putin will probably take over cs:go and make it Russian only

ps sry bad inglis

no naomi, is dieing.

Silly and useless topics! / Re: rip steam gambling :(
« on: 14.07.2016 23:09:46 »
Finally Valve shuts this shit down, took them long enough

Silly and useless topics! / Re: fuck the police!
« on: 09.07.2016 10:59:22 »
white people: 1
black people: 0
get rekt
 8) 8)

The type of person who'd be a cop in one of those vids

Stavik: 0
Naomi: 1
Stavik was never good at upholding anything Xddd

Unban Appeals / Re: Unban Appeal for Blinked
« on: 05.07.2016 17:01:46 »
get on your knees and call me daddy.

then i will unban you.

Nigga take yer fetishes and daddy issues somewhere else.

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Hope
« on: 24.06.2016 20:26:53 »
Here ya go fam

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Minecraft Jokes
« on: 10.06.2016 22:00:30 »
Roblox is only good for picking up 11-year-olds.

Is that how you met Chris Hansen?

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Wendi
« on: 29.05.2016 01:25:20 »
Nigga what the fuck you been smokin'

Edit: you're dutch nvm I know the answer

« on: 13.05.2016 22:33:02 »
Eurovision --> Scandinavia is gay --> Naomi is genderfluid

Y'all crazy

General / Re: Lets get to know each other better !
« on: 07.03.2016 22:32:26 »
Each cell is really one Planck length wide, and each timestep is really one Planck time long. If you dont know what those are, go refresh yourself on some quantum mechanics.

Not even specifying what sort of cell or timestep you're talking about, trying to be deep about shit no one cares about because it doesn't help them. 10/10 m8.

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Memes
« on: 25.02.2016 21:24:47 »
"I had an allergic reaction to peanuts and the finebros sued me"

Silly and useless topics! / Re: Memes
« on: 17.02.2016 13:41:52 »

Can't forget my dota memes.

Deathrun Complaints / Unban appeals / Re: Ban
« on: 12.01.2016 20:17:18 »
You can't complain here about an admin not willing to ban you just because you ask, take it with that admin instead or maybe fix your personal issues by yourself. If you want something to be added to the deathrun server there is a suggestion board for the server.

I'm locking the thread as it's probably a joke, there is a silly and useless section for that.

Unban Appeals / Re: So, as I was trying to reply to roof
« on: 23.09.2015 19:03:09 »
So it is only you, you're the only person who hates me there, not "everyone"...

Well, you just said you don't hold a grudge, but as far as I'm concerned, you do. So I said a few things that weren't plainly "nice", coolcool, but have I done something else that's breaking the forum or ts? Nope, not as far as I'm concerned. So here's the thing, because YOU are the admin who banned me on the ts, you won't unban me, even though nobody else(except for maybe Isac) hates me there, why don't you just unban me and I would stay out of your way? Also, I have no idea really why you banned me, because my memory is shit and I cannot remember anything. You saying why I got banned? enlighten me, please.

Can't be arsed to remind you of why you got banned and really, I honestly don't care.

I've asked and no, there is no one here in this community that likes you very much.

Last time I'll tell you this, you're not getting in to TS because you've shown you can't be trusted and I don't give third chances. You got banned for a week and that wasn't enough.

Unban Appeals / Re: So, as I was trying to reply to roof
« on: 22.09.2015 17:33:46 »
Naah, you don't have to do that if you don't want to. See, here's the thing, there's no point in living in the past, just move on. You came on my videos too and tried to be funny, but I didn't make a big deal about it and hold a grudge against you, you should do the same. Oh, how do I know it was you? Google.

"From my perspective people here dislike you, if you want to play with them I'd suggest you contact them another way.

I'll not lift the ban."

@Philip, What have I done to the whole community then, to be so hated?

You got perma banned for a reason, think about why got you perma banned and maybe you'll realize that even if you apologize they won't trust you or like you because you have shown you're not a very likable person. I don't hold a grudge and I can't be arsed to stay mad at something for longer than a day but that doesn't mean I'll unban you.

As I said, if you want to talk with people here I'd suggest you contact them another way, you're not getting into TS.

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