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Unban Appeals / Re: John Aka Nixpt
« on: 04.12.2014 18:35:33 »
There have been mistakes in this as some staff members have done things they shouldn't have, you'll be unbanned in 12 hours.

I thought I banned you again but TS is a bit wonky at times and so Isac thought you entered on a proxy, sorry for that.

Unban Appeals / Re: John Aka Nixpt
« on: 04.12.2014 18:29:15 »
You weren't supposed to be unbanned from the first time as that staff didn't know exactly what you did and misjudged the situation.

Stop being smug and apologize properly before even thinking of getting unbanned.

Unban Appeals / Re: John Aka Nixpt
« on: 04.12.2014 17:36:58 »
You were permanently banned after harassing staff and trying to get Shy banned by lying. You got warned several times by Isac and didn't stop.

You're not getting unbanned after this appeal as you don't even understand what you did.
We have proof of everything you did so I'd suggest you don't try to lie yourself out of this.

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