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Author Topic: Punishment Guidelines Deathrun  (Read 1498 times)

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Punishment Guidelines Deathrun
« on: 18.08.2014 22:25:24 »
The following guidelines are made for Deathrun by Satanium.

AFK players
-Death: when the timer hits 5 minutes
-Runner: when the timer hits 5:30 minutes since the map kills them early on some maps

Mic/Chat spammers
Gag/Mute them for one round and don't forget to ungag/unmute
If they do it again you gag/mute them again for one round.
Third time: You kick them
Fourth time: You ban them for 10 minutes
Fifth time: You ban them for 30 minutes
Sixth time: You ban them for 1 hour (if they do it again, repeat this one)

Delaying the round
When the player refuses to move for 1 minute you slay him

Griefing the game
When the player kills teammates you ban him for 3 minutes

Scripting/Hacking is an instant permanent ban

Delaying the round as death (killing yourself as death)
Slay him next round
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